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A floor mop buying guide

Mops are wonderful tools to use when you need to tackle dirt and dust. Simplistic in nature but tough on messes, floor mops are available in a variety of styles to effectively assist you in your day-to-day cleaning. Finding the best floor mop involves thinking about how you'll be using the mop and what type of surfaces you'll be cleaning. Not all mops are created equal, so you'll want to compare different top-rated floor mops to be sure you're getting the right one for you and your household.

>> How will you use your mop?

When it comes to cleaning supplies and floor care, mops are at the top of the list. As convenient as mini vacuum cleaners are for dry messes, they are ineffective against wet spills, so a quality, top-rated floor mop is a must.

In addition to picking up spills, dirt and dust, mops are also suitable for stripping and spreading wax on hardwood flooring. Before browsing floor mop brands, think about how you'll use your new floor mop. As different types of floor mops each offer their own unique benefits, it's important to learn more about their differences to ensure you pick the right one for your particular needs.



Best uses

Dust mop A good substitute to a broom, these floor sweepers quickly and easily capture dust and dirt particles.
  • Dry sweeping
  • Collecting pet hair
  • Daily cleanup
Flat floor mop Featuring a thin, durable head, this simple mop uses less water than its larger counterparts.
  • Damp cleaning
  • Small spills
  • Footprints
  • Wood floors
Sponge mop With a thicker head than flat mops, sponge mops use and absorb more water, so they are ideal for larger messes.
  • Larger spills
  • Whole house cleaning
  • Tile floors
String mop The most heavy-duty player of the floor mop collection, string mops allows you to tackle big jobs more easily.
  • Heavy dirt or grime
  • Whole house cleaning
  • Applying wax

>> Where will you use your mop?

types of floor mops

The next aspect to consider is where you will use your mops. Each space in your home or office is different, so buy a floor mop made of materials that are specially designed to work with your flooring type.

Microfiber mops: Top-rated floor mops made of microfiber are some of the best floor mops for use in heavy-traffic areas. Microfiber is a unique, durable material that is extremely easy to wring and does a fabulous job of scrubbing. Use these types of floor mops in the kitchen to effortlessly scrub away stubborn spills, such as dried pasta sauce or sticky honey.

Synthetic mops: One of the best floor mops for cleaning frequently used areas, synthetic mops offer a good balance between durability and cleaning power. This kind of mop is ideal for daily cleaning of entryways and hallways.

Blended mops: Affordable mops created from various fibers, blended mops are a sensible choice when you have only a few areas of your home that require mopping. The mop's durability, affordable price and ability to absorb up to 10 times its weight in water make it a smart choice for cleaning laundry rooms, recreation rooms and other hard surfaces that see little to moderate traffic.

Cotton mops: The most affordable offering by most floor mop brands, cotton mops trade high durability for low cost and ease of use. Bathroom mops tend to harbor the most germs, so change them out often. The affordability and good cleaning power of cotton mops make them the best floor mops for this application.

>> How often will you use your mop?

How often you intend to use your mop also plays a big role in deciding which is the best floor mop for you. If you only have one small area of tiled floor in your home, for example, it makes sense to choose a compact, affordable mop. On the other hand, if your home consists of mostly tile or wood floors, your mop will see repeated use, so it should be durable and effective.new floor mops

String mops are heavy-duty units for after or between uses of handheld vacuum cleaners. String mops are available in three varieties: looped, banded and cut. Of the three, looped mops last the longest. The loops prevent fraying and offer a greater surface area for cleaning. String mops are the least durable and tend to fray after many uses, but they are affordable and effective. Banded mops combine the affordability of cut mops with the staying power of looped ones.

Sponge and flat floor mops use sponges or pads to clean. The lifespan of these materials varies with use, with reusable and machine-washable microfiber scrubbing pads seeing the longest life and non-washable, disposable sponges seeing the shortest.

Another consideration to keep in mind when thinking about durability and comfort is a mop's handle. Most mops employ lightweight, durable plastic handles, but coated metal and wood handles are also available. Wood handles last the longest and are the least resistant to breaking, but they may cause discomfort after long periods of use. Plastic handles are extremely lightweight and are simple to replace when parts wear out. Metal handles are a mix between durability and comfort, and are often available for commercial settings, as they resist staining, snapping and cracking and are easily disinfected. Regardless of which handle type you choose, be sure that the handle length is appropriate for your height. If you stand taller than 5'4", buy a floor mop with a longer handle that allows you to stand up straight when mopping.

Keeping hard floor surfaces clean and shiny is easy when you invest in the best floor mop for the job. With several effective types of floor mops at your disposal, you can confidently choose the one (or ones!) that deserve a proper place within your arsenal of vacuums and floor care.

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