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How to buy a fishing rod holder

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A fishing rod holder buying guide

Often an overlooked piece of fishing gear, fishing rod holders can improve your catch success rate while giving you a chance to multi-task and better enjoy your outdoor surroundings. The best boat fishing rod holders are simple to use, easy to transport and make trolling a hands- and hassle-free pleasure.

>> Where can you use a fishing rod holder?

fishing rod holder designs

The first step in selecting the right fishing rod holder design is determining where and how you plan to use it. Matching the type of fishing rod holder with your specific needs requires an understanding of how each type of holder functions.


If you own a boat and you fish, you might consider buying fishing rod holders that mount to your boat. This type of fishing rod holder is available in a variety of designs and mounting styles that can be adjusted to different positions for different situations. A top-rated fishing rod holder is an essential piece of fishing equipment for many reasons. The best fishing rod holders free you up to concentrate on driving the boat and monitoring electronics while trolling. A holder also frees up your hands to eat and drink while your line is in the water. Fishing should be a pleasurable activity, and by incorporating a rod holder with your other fishing gear and accessories, you're assured a more relaxing day out on the water.


Fishing pole holders designed for beach use serve a variety of purposes including allowing you to cast your lure, plant your pole and relax. Shore fishing falls into two distinct types of conditions, lakefront and oceanfront, each of which calls for a specialized type of rod holder. The best fishing rod holder for surf-casting is the sand spike which is a long tube with a point or spike on one end. The sand spike is designed to be driven into the sand to securely support the rod while you relax. Lakefront conditions call for different types of fishing accessories that will work on the hard packed dirt found around lake edges. The fishing rod holder dimensions for lakefront fishing will vary according to the species of fish you plan on fishing for.


When you're not out fishing, it's important to keep your fishing supplies, including valuable rods, organized and protected. A great way to accomplish this is by storing your fresh water fishing and marine rods in a rack that is built specifically for the job. Home fishing rod holder designs can vary a bit in size, configuration and in the number of rods they can secure, so be sure to take an inventory of your rods, and note their sizes, before you purchase a holder. fishing rod holder dimensions

>> Which materials are best?

A fishing rod holder collection may include holders that are made of plastic, aluminum or steel. Each type of material has its own advantages so you'll want to think about the conditions under which you plan to use each type of holder.


The best fishing rod holders for surf-casting are made of polypropylene plastic, which will not corrode, even with repeated exposure to salt water, and is unaffected by the abrasive nature of beach sand. The lightweight construction of plastic holders also makes them easy to transport when walking across soft, loose sand.


Aluminum is prized for being lightweight and corrosion- and rust-resistant, making it a great material for boat-mounted fishing rod holders for both salt and freshwater use. Aluminum and aluminum alloys also provide enough strength to stand up to the strength of larger game fish. Many of the top-rated fishing rod holders that are designed for shore fishing feature an all-aluminum construction, or have some form of aluminum components.


Steel is considered to be the strongest of the materials used in rod holder construction. Many steel fishing rod holder designs are built to withstand the forces exerted by the largest and strongest of big game fish in both fresh and salt water. Steel rod holders can be steel alloys or have a finish that resists corrosion and rust.

>> Consider mounting options

With a clamp-on or drill-mounted holder, you can attach your holder to your boat. Each mounting method has its own advantages that should be considered before deciding which is the best fishing rod holder for your boat.


Clamp-on holders can be easily fastened to any of the boat's gunnels and can be relocated and adjusted at any time. The portability of these holders makes them an ideal accessory for fishermen who rent boats when traveling, and an essential component of any angler's tackle kit.

Drill mount

When you buy a fishing rod holder and permanently mount it to your boat, you're committing to its position and placement. Drill-mounted rod holders are preferred by many dedicated trollers because they are stable and secure. Drill-mounting is easy to carry out, usually requiring only two to four holes.types of fishing rod holders

>> Consider size, adjustments and features

When deciding which is the best fishing rod holder for you, take into consideration your preferred species of fish, your personal style of fishing and what type of gear you use.


When learning how to choose a fishing rod holder, you will find that many models are designed to adjust the position your rod is held in. The ability to adjust the angle of your rod is of particular importance when trolling as it can alter the way your bait moves through the water.


The size of your existing fishing rods, as well as that of any rods you may acquire in the future, will determine what sized fishing rod holder you should select. In addition to the sizes of your rods, the type of reels you use can also be a factor in deciding which holder is right for you. Some of the best fishing rod holders are designed to work with spinning reels while others work best with casting reels.


Before investing in any fishing rod holder collection, you must develop a clear understanding of what type of fishing conditions you encounter on a routine basis, and what features will best complement your fishing style. Once you have established your specific needs, finding the right holder will be a breeze and you'll be reeling in the big ones in no time.

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Fishing Rod Holder Best Sellers
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