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How to buy the right fanny pack

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A fanny pack buying guide

Fanny packs are extremely useful for carrying small items that need to be kept close by for easy access, especially when you're on the go. In addition to freeing up your hands for other things, they also allow you to get a good number of essential items into a relatively small container. When you set out to choose the best fanny pack for you, put some thought into what needs you want your new fanny pack to serve.

>> Consider the need and user

designer fanny pack

Cool fanny packs come in all sizes, making them ideal for men, women and children. Which new fanny pack you buy should be based on how and where you intend to use it. If you are planning to hold small things like keys and tissues in your fanny pack while walking around your city, town or neighborhood, you can get by with a small, stylish model. Your child can also accompany you while sporting a cool fanny pack that's just the right size for a younger person.

For holding an iPod or cell phone while commuting by public transit or even by bicycle, simple waist packs fill the bill.

If you want to use waist bags or fanny packs for something more strenuous such as hiking, look for hiking bags and fanny pack brands from your favorite sporting goods manufacturers.

Further, if you have lower back issues, you might want to consider sling packs or sling bags as an alternative.

>> Consider what you wish to store in them

Generally, the best fanny pack for you depends on the things you want to carry in it. If you want to store a number of small things, such as cash or makeup, you may need a fanny pack with plenty of small compartments. A stylish fanny pack often works for this purpose; indeed, many of these are designed to also pass as makeup bags.

If the fanny pack will be used to carry school or office supplies such as pens, pencils and markers, a moderately sturdy bag is required. While such items are relatively light in weight, the best fanny pack for carrying them will have a long central compartment.

If the best fanny pack for you would include a beverage carrier, you might consider purchasing a beverage carrier with loops that go over the belt of the fanny pack. Some quality fanny pack manufacturers create attachments for fanny pack belts that will accommodate beverage carriers and things like small flashlights or other tools you might need on a day or weekend hike.

stylish fanny pack

>> Consider the durability

While a quality fanny pack should be durable, the degree of durability needed depends on how you plan to use the fanny pack. Some designer fanny packs, for example, are primarily for show, while other types of fanny packs are designed to withstand abuse incurred during traveling. If your purchase will be used by a child or an active teenager, you should buy a fanny pack that can stand up to strenuous usage.

Another thing to consider when looking to buy a fanny pack is the pack's hardware. Check whether the D-rings, zippers and zipper tabs are metal or plastic. You also want to check push clasps for ease of use. If your purchase is for a child, check to make sure zippers and zipper tabs are of materials approved for handling by children. Also make sure the belt portions are securely fastened to the pouch section of the fanny pack.

Keep in mind that all types of fanny packs should be laundered by hand in order to preserve plastic catches and clips. Cleaning a fanny pack is often as simple as wiping down both the inside and outside with a damp paper towel or disinfectant wipe. You can also purchase sprays that will give your fanny pack a waterproof coating. This simple step will increase the pack's ability to protect your goods in inclement weather.

>> Consider fashion

While most fanny packs are utilitarian, some unique fanny packs can contribute to your casual fashion look. Such fanny packs may even have designer logos or be designed specifically as outfit accessories. Again, be sure to choose the best fanny pack for yourself based on your needs rather than solely on whether a particular pack looks good.

Some clothing manufacturers design unique fanny packs with material printed with their logos or signature characters. Because these bags are made specifically to attract young people, they are generally tough enough to withstand some degree of rough handling.

After considering the above factors, you'll have enough information to sort through the many features of the fanny pack brands on the market. This will enable you to ask the questions that will make your purchase decision an easy one.

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Fanny Pack Best Sellers

New Leather Extra Large Fanny Pack Waist Travel Bag XL Organizer with 6 pockets Black One Size

Luxury Divas Brown Fanny Pack W/zippers Pouches & Phone Holder

Polyester 4-Pocket Fanny Pack - Black

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