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How to buy eyeglass frames

how to buy eyeglass frames

An eyeglass frame buying guide

Eyeglass frames come in a wide assortment of shapes, styles and colors, and can be made from various materials. Choosing the right eyeglass frames can be a fun and rewarding process once you narrow down a few key aspects.

>> Consider your particular style and face shape

best eyeglass frames

When it comes to deciding how to buy eyeglass frames, consider the different styles that appeal to you and the shape of your face. Not everyone is able to pull off the same look with certain eyeglass frame styles. The best eyeglass frames for you will be based on your unique style and the shape of your face. If you have a more narrow face, you might find that thicker frames will complement your features best. If you have a rounder face, wire frames could provide a contouring effect. Try on many different eyeglass frame styles to get a feel for what you like and an idea of the type of optical eyeglass frames that best suit you. As with any accessory category, eyeglass frame styles can be numerous and include many attractive options in both men's and women's eyeglass frames sections.

>> Choose frame sizes

The size of the eyeglass frames makes a difference. There are many types, styles, colors and sizes to choose from but depending on the size of your face, you want the eyeglass frame size to match. The perfectly sized frames can be found by having an optometrist perform accurate measurements to determine the width between your eyes, across your forehead, and even the bridge of your nose. Once you get these measurements from the eye doctor, you're then able to use them when choosing the perfect pair of frames. If you do not have the measurements from a vision center, you can measure these areas on your own by using a ruler. The dimensions on eyeglasses are all different depending on the pair. In selecting a frame size, you also need to consider your prescription, since some prescriptions will require thicker lenses that might be better suited to smaller or thicker frames.

>> Consider frame shapes

When it comes to buying eyeglass frames, there are many eyeglass frame designs to consider. Depending on the eyeglass frame style, you will find that frames come in a variety of shapes to accommodate different looks. You can choose from a cat-eye look, half-moon look, round or boxed rims and other shapes. Depending on your style, face shape and measurements, you might look and feel better in one style of eyeglass frames over another.

>> Choose a color that suits your personality

eyeglass frame sizes

The color of your eyeglass frames can say a lot about you. These days, the sky's the limit when it comes to eyeglass frame colors and some people like to present a playful side of themselves through their frames. Yellow and red can be bright and happy, while blue can offer a more casual look. Black or brown frames are more conservative and muted, and are often a good choice for professionals in an office environment. The color that you choose will depend not just on your personality, but also the style of frames that you choose. If you opt for thicker framed glasses, you might prefer to keep the color more subdued to offset the largeness of the frames. If you wear a thinner frame, you might opt for a bright splash of red or purple to make your frames more visible and fun.

>> Consider your comfort

Comfort is a serious matter and, if you'll be wearing your eyeglass frames regularly, you will want to figure out how to buy eyeglass frames based on comfort. Wire frames are lightweight and provide a "barely-there" feel, which is why many people choose this type of eyeglass frame over others. While the thicker, plastic frames can also feel light, they do not compare to the wire frames on the market today. When it comes to knowing how to buy eyeglass frames based on comfort, you have to try them on and find out which ones work the best on your face structure.

>> Consider frame materials

Materials are important when it comes to your eyeglass frames. The chart below lists some of the most common materials that eyeglass frames are made of, and the benefits and styles of each.





Plastic Plastic is durable and lightweight, and can be made in a variety of colors. The look is usually thicker and more style-oriented than other frames. Plastic frames can be very fashion-forward and complement all face shapes.
Metal Metal frames rebound well if dropped, and they can also bend more easily than other materials. They have a subdued, conservative look to them and tend to be smaller in frame size. They are lightweight and provide a nice style for those wishing to have less bulky glasses.
Titanium Titanium is a strong material that is hard to break.

Titanium frames are versatile and can project a professional, business-like look, but also a relaxed, casual look, depending on your attire and style.

Always stylish and complement a wide variety of personalities.
Stainless Steel Stainless steel is virtually indestructible. Stainless steel frames are versatile and can project a professional or casual look. Able to withstand a great deal of pressure and more intense wear and tear than other frame materials.

>> Consider frame types

how to choose eyeglass frame

When it comes to learning how to buy eyeglass frames, consider different frame types to get a better idea of what is out there for you to choose from. Based on your general style, face shape and what you prefer, you might like certain frames over others.

Full frames - Full frames can provide more adequate protection of the lenses, as they fully encompass the glass and hold them in place. Full frames are generally thicker, although wire frames can be found to go around the entire lens.

Half rimless frames - Half rimless frames only go on the top half of the glass, providing an edgier eyeglass frame style. Though the half rimless frame style is not as well-known as the full-frame style, many people enjoy the look that it provides.

Rimless eyeglass frames - Rimless frames are gaining in popularity for their barely-there look, and their noticeably light feel when you wear them.

>> Consider cleaning, care and accessories

While learning how to buy eyeglass frames, be sure to check out the wide array of cleaning, eye care products and accessories to complement your new purchase. Frames and glasses need to be cleaned regularly to ensure the best clarity. Cleaning solution and soft micro-fiber cloths are gentle, yet very effective at keeping your eyeglasses spot-free and looking like new. A sturdy eyeglass case is also a good investment, as are eyeglass chains to keep your glasses within reach and on your person at all times.

Buying a new pair of glasses can be a fun and exciting experience. With so many styles and colors available today, you're sure to find new eyeglass frames that suit your face, your personality and your budget.

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