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Finding the best elevated dog bowls

best elevated dog bowls

An elevated dog bowl buying guide

Give your pooch a better place to dine with a stylish elevated dog bowl. He'll be able to stand with his head and shoulders upright, instead of bending to the floor. The right elevated dog bowl for your pet will be a great addition to any home. The best elevated dog bowls look elegant and are a better fit than lower bowls, especially for large dogs. Pet bowls are important because they get a lot of use, so if you're looking for an elevated dog bowl, you want to make sure you find the right one for your dog's needs.

>> What elevated dog bowl sizes do you need?

Look at the elevated dog bowl dimensions listed on the packaging before you decide which is the best elevated dog bowl to bring home to your pet. Different elevations are better for different dogs, while different unit sizes fit into your home better. Before you start shopping, take out your measuring tape and check the length and width of the area in which you want to put the elevated dog bowl you're considering. You also need to buy elevated dog bowls that fit your dog's height. You can get a general idea of which elevated dog bowl sizes you need to purchase by comparing your dog's breed size to those on the chart below, since small dog bowls are significantly shorter than those for larger breeds.

>> Elevated dog bowl size comparison



Up to 6 inches Best for dogs like Maltese and Norfolk Terriers
Up to 7 inches Best for Cocker Spaniels and Volpinos
Up to 14 inches Best for the Australian Kelpies and Bull Terriers
Up to 20 inches Best for Boxers and German Shepherds
Up to 27 inches Best for Spanish Mastiffs and Great Danes

You can also figure out the right size bowl by measuring from the floor to the top of your dog's chest. The unique elevated dog bowls you choose should end right below where your dog's neck begins. Keep in mind that if you're buying an elevated dog bowl for a young puppy, the size it needs may change as the puppy gets older and grows into its mature frame. The best elevated dog bowls for the dog will change as he gets older.

designer elevated dog bowls

>> What materials do you prefer?

There are two different parts of a unique elevated dog bowl to consider as you decide which materials you want. The first is the stand and the second is the actual dog bowls from which your dog eats and drinks. Buy elevated dog bowls with stands made of plastic, wood or metal and pet food and water bowls made from glass, stone, plastic or metal. For the unit, consider the color of your home and the style of the other furniture in that general feeding area. For example, if your dog eats in the dining room with the rest of the family, look for a unit that looks similar to your table. If you're looking for an outdoor unit, find one that's plastic or metal so that it can stand up to the weather. The best elevated dog bowls should stand up to both the environment and the foot traffic that goes by it. You can find many designer elevated dog bowls in different colors and styles, especially if you pick a plastic model. There are cool elevated dog bowls for kids' rooms and more traditional ones for family rooms. When it comes to the bowls, look for stoneware or glass for easy cleaning and materials that can stand up to containing multiple types of dog food for extended periods. Metal and plastic are also frequently used options.

>> What do you want to store under the dog bowls?

Some elevated dog feeders have storage under the bowls, while others have just the unit or empty space. Decide which you prefer by considering both the look and the functionality. For example, locking bins that can hold dog food supplies can make more room by combining the stored food and the feeder. The size of the unit you buy will determine how much storage the feeder can offer. Larger units will offer a greater amount of storage. Check out the elevated dog bowl dimensions of the storage containers to see which elevated dog bowl design is best for your home. You should also consider which elevated dog bowls you actually like. It's always better to purchase pet supplies that look good in your home. Elevated dog bowls come with and without storage, so you'll be able to find one that suits you perfectly.stylish elevated dog bowls

>> What elevated dog bowl features do you prefer?

Another way to decide what the best elevated dog bowls are for your home is to consider the special features of each unit. If you spend a lot of time away from home, look for an elevated dog bowl that replenishes the food and water on a schedule. Some can even hook into the water lines so that there's a constant supply of water. Others have food in a closed container above the bowl that slides into the bowl as it gradually empties. Some elevated dog bowls come with multiple heights so that you can simultaneously feed several different pets of different sizes. These may be the best elevated dog bowls for multi-pet households. If your pet tends to spill food, you may want to purchase one with a spill guard. It's usually made from a piece of plastic that covers the backs and sides of the bowl to catch any food that is dropped near the bowls. For more floor protection, look for an elevated dog feeder with a mat included.

The best elevated dog bowls are those that are the right height for your dog and also look great in your home. Ultimately, you'll be happy that your dog is happy, and that's what matters most.

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Elevated Dog Bowl Best Sellers

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