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Which electric kettle to buy

which electric kettle to buy

An electric kettle buying guide

Today, caffeinated beverages such as tea and coffee are popular, especially for those who are constantly on the go. Electric kettles have made it easier to have a cup of tea or coffee just when you need it. However, determining the best electric kettle to buy is important. Therefore, when deciding which electric kettle to buy, keep the following considerations in mind.

>> Consider electric kettle advantages

electric kettle uses

Electric kettles have many advantages including energy efficiency, faster boiling speeds and safety. Using a stovetop for boiling water takes more energy and has the potential to boil over. Because electric kettles heat more quickly, are smaller and have an automatic boiling shut off, they use less energy and are effective, safe and practical.

>> Consider the size and weight

As you determine which electric kettle to buy, think about the space you have available and whether you will store your electric tea kettle out of sight or on the countertop. Buy electric kettles that can be easily stored in a cabinet, especially if you have minimal counter space. Consider the weight, as well, if you have to pick it up on a daily basis, and choose a kettle that will be light enough to maneuver easily. If you plan on leaving your kettle on the countertop, ensure that the space between your upper cabinets and countertop is adequate for the height of the kettle.

>> Consider different types of electric kettles

There are two basic types of kettles to consider when determining which electric kettle to buy: electric tea kettles and brewing kettles. You can buy electric tea kettles such as porcelain tea kettles and whistling tea kettles, which are created specifically to boil water for tea. Brewing kettles come in two styles: brewing tea kettles and coffee pots. Both types of brewing kettles allow you to brew your coffee or tea in one simple step. When determining which electric kettle to buy, determine whether or not you want to simply boil water or brew your beverage.function of electric kettle

>> Consider electric kettle capacity

Buy electric kettles that accommodate the amount of people that you plan to use the kettle for: one person, a couple of people or a family. The most common kettle capacities are 1-2 quarts, which is about a whole pot of coffee. If you only need the kettle for yourself or a couple of people, buy electric kettles that boil only 1-2 cups of water. Those with a capacity of 2-3 quarts are enough for a group of people.

>> Consider the boiling speed

Different electric kettle brands offer kettles with various boiling speeds. The boiling speed is how long 1 liter of water takes to boil, which is important to consider when determining how to choose an electric kettle. Most electric kettles can boil in just a couple of minutes because the entire kettle heats up, meaning that the water heats from all sides. The quicker the water boils, the more energy efficient the electric kettle will be and the quicker you can have a cup of tea or coffee.

>> Consider electric kettle styles and designs

Kettles come in a variety of styles and designs, and each type has its set of pros and cons. Stainless steel electric kettles are better at maintaining the water temperature than plastic models; however, they will also be a little heavier. Stainless steel is also easier to clean. Glass kettles don't leave behind an aftertaste, which makes them a wise choice if you want a fresh, crisp flavor. Glass kettles are delicate and fragile, yet are easy to clean and maintain. Buy electric kettles that match your kitchen decor and other kitchen appliances, and look for electric kettles with spouts and dripless spout styles for ease of use.

>> Consider electric kettle features

electric kettle features

When determining which electric kettle to buy, know that electric kettles offer various features that stovetop kettles do not offer. Consider the following electric kettle features to decide which is the best electric kettle to buy for your needs.

  • Water level indicator: The water level indicator allows you to add just the right amount of water to the kettle: 2 cups, 3 cups, 4 cups or more.
  • Automatic shut off: With the automatic shut off, your kettle will automatically turn off when the water boils.
  • Cool-to-touch feature: The cool-to-touch feature is especially great for those with young children. The heating mechanism is inside the kettle, and an extra layer is on the outside, so when curious little fingers or an arm brushes past, the kettle is cool to the touch.
  • Cordless feature: The cordless feature is helpful if you plan on taking your kettle with you on trips or camping.

Overall, the best electric kettle to buy is one that accommodates your lifestyle with its boiling speed, capacity, design and features.

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Electric Kettle Best Sellers

Hamilton Beach 1.7-Liter Electric Kettle

Hamilton Beach 1.8-Liter Electric Kettle

Farberware 1.7-Liter 360-Degree Glass Kettle, Red

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Hamilton Beach Programmable Electric Kettle, Stainless Steel
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