1. Electric Fireplace Buying Guide
Electric Fireplace Best Sellers
Electric Fireplace
with 38" Mantle,
Dark Walnut

Electric Fireplace
with 38" Mantle,

Electric Fireplace
with 26" Mantle,
Dark Chocolate

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How to choose an electric fireplace

how to choose electric fireplace

An electric fireplace buying guide

Electric fireplaces are a home decor accessory that serve a functional purpose. Fireplaces can heat the home and add unique designs into the space. There are many things to consider when looking for both electric fireplaces and fireplace tools. When thinking about the different types of electric fireplaces available that you might want to purchase, keep the following points in mind.

>> Why do you want an electric fireplace?

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Electric fireplaces offer a lot to your home. With an electric fireplace, you have a beautiful centerpiece for a room. You also have a heating mechanism that provides warmth. You might also choose an electric fireplace because of the ambiance that it adds to a room. Fireplaces are often the focal point of a room and draw the eye to the space. When learning how to choose an electric fireplace, you have the chance to make a choice of a major home furnishing on your own.

Electric fireplaces can also be used in lieu of space heaters. An electric fireplace provides proper room heating that is space-friendly, attractive and safe. Find the electric fireplace that best matches your desires to have one.

>> Consider the space where the fireplace will go

Consider the space where the fireplace will go inside of the room. Electric fireplaces are typically placed next to the wall. In order to properly place an electric fireplace in a room, there must be enough space for the heating unit. Take into account the measurements of the room's wall space as well as the measurements of the electric fireplace to choose the best electric fireplace for your home.

When learning how to choose an electric fireplace, be sure to look at the cubic feet of your room as well as the amount of space that the electric fireplace can heat. Each fireplace promises to heat a certain amount of space that is measured in cubic feet. When performing an electric fireplace comparison, make sure that you find out how far the heating radiates before you buy electric fireplaces.

>> What type of fireplace is best for you?

Some electric fireplaces are created to look like traditional fireplaces with the same mantle details. A fireplace with a mantle is a one of the best types of electric fireplace designs for a formal look to a living room or a family room. A fireplace with a mantle is larger and heavier than one without, so this type of electric heating unit is a choice for those who own a home or will remain in their location long term. Smaller, modern fireplace designs are room accent pieces for those who live in condos or apartments. Smaller fireplace designs for portable or indoor fireplaces and stoves heat a smaller cubic area, which work for smaller apartments.

If having the authentic experience is important to you, look to buy electric fireplaces that will coincide with this need. Fireplace accessories such as fireplace grates and other fireplace tools, such as a log poker set, add to the overall look of the room.

One of the major electric fireplace benefits is the ability to choose the look of the fireplace design. Fireplace trims come in different selections, from brick to smooth wood and more. When deciding how to choose an electric fireplace, look at your overall room design. If you have a modern room with dark furniture, a deep espresso fireplace with rounded corners might work well. A traditional family room might look good with a large faux wood or faux brick fireplace. The trim on these fireplaces can be made to look similar to the crown molding in many homes that offers an upscale look. A studio apartment pad can often be perfectly complemented with a small fireplace with a television stand attached to the top.

>> What size is best for you?

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When you buy electric fireplaces, size is as important as any other factor. Electric fireplace sizes range from small and compact enough to fit inside of the average bedroom, to large enough to dominate as the centerpiece of the living room. Each electric fireplace size comes with its advantages. Small fireplaces take less maintenance and provide easy temperature control.

Large electric fireplace sizes look authentic when placed in a room. These fireplaces provide more heating power and make it so that the room is warm and cozy during the winter months. With large fireplaces, you can also use accessories for the fireplace. Fireplace grates and other fireplace accessories can be placed with the fireplace to interact with the piece to make it look and feel like a built-in fireplace.

>> What type of power do you need?

Watts and heating power are important when deciding how to choose an electric fireplace. Electric fireplaces each have a different amount of watts. The watts, much like a light bulb, determine the power of the fireplace. When you buy electric fireplaces, take into account the wattage of the fireplace. The wattage determines the amount of heat that the machine can give off. Depending on the heating, cooling and air quality that you need for the room, you may wish to take a look at infrared heating fireplaces versus those with a stove. Infrared produces a natural heat while keeping utility bills lower than some other options.

Shop electric fireplace designs that make the most sense for your space. The heating for your home can be different than that of others, due to how the home is set up and which direction the room is facing. Make sure that you are aware of the functionality you need your electric fireplace to have so that the fireplace works well for your home.

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Electric Fireplace Best Sellers

Electric Fireplace with 38" Mantle, Dark Walnut

Electric Fireplace with 38" Mantle, Oak

Electric Fireplace with 26" Mantle, Dark Chocolate

Better Homes and Gardens Media Electric Fireplace Ashwood Road, Brown

26" Polyfiber Electric Fireplace, Tan
$188.00 $149.00 $129.99 $309.00 $179.00
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