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How to buy ear plugs

how to buy ear plugs

An ear plug buying guide

Protecting your ears is an important part of staying healthy, and ear care products are essential to ear health. Items like ear drops and ear plugs are both important for maintaining healthy eardrums. When you shop for ear plugs, you will most likely come across them near the hearing aid accessories section.

>> Determine your intended use

ear plug sizes

When figuring out how to buy ear plugs, you'll first need to determine how you will be using them. In general, ear plugs are designed to block outside forces, such as noise or water, from getting into your ear canal and affecting your ear drum. The most common type of ear plug reduces or blocks noise. When noise reaches a certain level, it can negatively affect your hearing. Ear plugs provide a barrier between the offending noise and your ear drum, lessening the impact such loud sounds can have on your hearing. Other ear plugs are made to block water. These are primarily utilized by swimmers or divers. Ear plugs designed for travel by air ease ear discomfort that can occur during changes in air pressure. By determining your intended use, you'll be better informed on how to choose the right ear plugs for you.

>> Consider where you will use your ear plugs

When learning how to buy ear plugs, you'll next want to consider where you will use them. In order to make an ear plug comparison, you'll want to narrow down the types of ear plugs you're considering. Noise reduction ear plug designs are made for outside events with loud noise, like concerts. These ear plugs come with noise reduction ratings. However, if you plan to be close to loud music, such as playing guitar in a live band, you'll want to consider higher performing ear plugs. Musicians often use high fidelity ear plugs, which allow clear and natural sounds to get through while protecting the ear from more harsh noises. You might also encounter extremely loud noises at places like a gun range or a construction site, or while riding a motorcycle. If these are activities you plan to engage in, ear plugs are a must. Ear plugs can also assist in a good night's sleep, by blocking out infringing sounds such as car horns, boisterous neighbors or a snoring spouse.

If you're a swimmer or diver, you'll need waterproof ear plugs. The benefits of waterproof ear plugs are many, as you can use them for both blocking noise and water and while in the pool.

Air travel can also cause discomfort to your ears. Ear plugs for travel are usually designed to offset varying air pressure levels that fluctuate during takeoff and landing. If you intend to use your ear plugs during travel, you'll also want to consider the comfort level of your ear plugs as you learn how to choose ear plugs that are right for you.

A less common use of ear plugs may be to supplement allergy medicine. Some ear ailments require medicine to be directly deposited into the ear, and ear plugs are then used to keep the medicine inside.

>> Consider different types of ear plugs

ear plug dimensions

As you learn how to buy ear plugs, you'll find designs that are suited for an array of situations. Within each ear plug brand, there are variations in the ear plug size and the ear plug dimensions. In addition to the design, the material makeup of an ear plug can also vary. Once you've decided how you plan to use your ear plugs, you'll want to consider what type of ear plug design best fits your needs.

The first aspect of ear plug design to consider is size. Ear plugs that continually fall out of your ear are not functional and will not be effective. It is essential that you choose the correct ear plug size for your ear, while still maintaining a level of comfort. Many ear plugs are offered as one-size-fits-all, but it is possible to find ear plugs that will fit to your specific ear shape and size. When considering ear plug size, refer to the specific activity you will use them for. For instance, if you plan to use ear plugs for sleeping, you might want to lay down and test the ear plug fit to ensure it is the right size and allows you to rest comfortably.

Reusable ear plugs are made to be used repeatedly as opposed to disposing of them after one use. Some reusable ear plugs come in a moldable design, which means the material will shape to your ear, creating a custom fit that is long-lasting and comfortable. Reusable ear plugs are an effective and affordable way to protect your ears while preserving the utmost comfort of your ears.

Disposable ear plugs, on the other hand, are often made of soft foam and come in packs of multiples. These types of ear plugs come in universal sizes, which are meant to fit anyone's ear, regardless of size. If you plan to use ear plugs occasionally, or prefer to use a fresh pair each time, disposable ear plugs may be the best ear plugs to buy.

Metal detectable ear plugs are another type you might encounter as you learn how to buy ear plugs. In certain job industries, including the food service industry, these ear plugs are especially helpful. Metal detectable ear plugs are easily traceable due to the metal encasing found inside them. This is helpful if a food service worker was to ever misplace or lose their ear plugs around consumption goods. These ear plugs are also offered in reusable and disposable varieties.

>> Consider care and accessories

types of ear plugsEar plugs are very useful health products for a variety of circumstances. Keeping ear plugs in a convenient place, along with your other medicine cabinet items, will ensure you have easy access to them when you need ear protection. Once you've decided on which ear plugs to buy, you'll want to make sure you use them properly to avoid injury or discomfort. Each ear plug has directions on how to correctly insert them. The directions for water-use ear plugs may differ from those for travel-use ear plugs. When you learn how to buy ear plugs, you'll want to pay attention and follow directions closely in order to obtain the greatest benefit.

In addition to properly using the ear plugs, you'll also want to properly care for them. If you opt for disposable ear plugs, discard of them after each use. If you decide that reusable ear plugs are the best fit, you'll want to clean your ear plugs according to their directions. To prevent losing your ear plugs, you may want to choose ear plugs that come with a cord. Other ear plugs come in cases to safely store them.

Ear plugs can be a great way to effectively protect your ears while still enjoying your favorite activities, so learning how to buy ear plugs is important. Once you've considered all of the major factors, you're sure to make the best choice to suit your needs.

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