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How to buy a dog crate

how to buy a dog crate

A dog crate buying guide

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Your four-legged friends are members of the family, and it is important that they always be treated as such. When it comes to transporting your pet, you want to be sure they are safe and secure, which is where a quality dog crate comes in handy. With just a little bit of research and consideration, you should be able to find a dog crate that ensures your pet's safety and comfort, as well as your peace of mind.

>> Consider crate size

Among the many pet supplies available to keep your pet healthy and thriving, a dog crate can be one of the most valuable. When choosing how to buy a dog crate, you must first assess how large of a crate you will need. Dog crate sizes vary depending on the type and size of dog you are shopping for. It's important to note the dimensions of the dog crate before purchasing one to be sure it will provide enough space for the dog to be able to safely and comfortably move around. Whether you're taking a quick drive to the vet or a cross-country flight, you want your dog to be able to stand, sit, turn around and lay down with ease. It's also important that you take into consideration if your dog is still growing, so you can buy a crate that will accommodate him or her for years to come.

Once you determine how much space your dog needs, you need to look at how much space you have in the location where you will be using the crate. If you will be putting the crate in your vehicle, you will want to ensure that you have enough room in your car and have the smallest crate that your pet can safely and comfortably fit in. If you are choosing the best dog crate for your home or office, you have more flexibility with size and will want to consider how much time your pet will be spending in the crate. Once you have chosen the best dog crate size for your needs, consider the design of the dog crate, and look for models that will allow for maximum visibility, ventilation, durability and easy cleaning.

>> Choosing outdoor crates

When you begin thinking about how to buy a dog crate, you will need to determine where you will use the crate. If the crate will be used outside, consider the weather in your particular location when you look at types of dog crates. In colder climates, dogs will need more insulation and protection from the elements than a simple wire crate can provide; therefore, in such locations, you should consider alternate materials. Instead of a small crate, when you shop dog crates, you might opt for a dog house or dog run outside. Dog runs are enclosed areas in the yard that should be long enough for your dog to run back and forth for exercise. Dog runs should also be capable of accommodating multiple dogs at one time. Dog runs keep your dogs and other people safe, and allow for free movement for your pets, and can provide protection from the elements, if you choose to place a roof on it.

>> Choosing travel crates

Traveling with a pet always entails additional planning, including becoming familiar with requirements for your particular mode of travel, as well as rates for pet travelers and accepted crates. Many airlines allow animals, but there are requirements that vary by state. You will want to make sure your pet has been exposed to its crate prior to using it on a trip where it will be in unfamiliar places for extended periods.

Another consideration is what you will be doing with your dog travel crate upon arrival to your destination. You may want to consider a collapsible crate so you can fold it and use it wherever you end up. You will find when you shop dog crates and carriers, that there are dog carriers and kennels that have been designed to be fashionable as well as practical and functional. Some people prefer dog strollers to leashes or bags, as you can simply push or pull your dog as it remains in the comfortable confines of the stroller.

>> Choosing an indoor crate

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If you plan on using the dog crate indoors, for training or other purposes, you'll want to look into indoor-specific crates. Indoor dog crates differ from outdoor crates in a variety of ways, one of which is the inclusion of removable trays in the bottom of the crates. In the event your pet does have an accident in the crate, this feature allows for easy removal and cleanup without needing to remove the entire structure from the home. As you shop dog crates, you will see there are different types of indoor dog crates to choose from. Some are made of metal, providing protection from chewing, or plastic, which tends to be lighter, or a combination of the two.

>> Consider other options

There are many different types of dog crates that you will learn about when determining how to buy a dog crate, but if after researching you feel a crate is not what you need, there are a variety of other dog supplies that can provide similar services. There are dog gates, play pens, remote collars and fencing, as well as leashes, dog beds and gates for the car. Although security, safety and convenience are all dog crate benefits, there are also benefits to these other options. Dog gates, remote collars and fences offer more freedom for your animal than a standard crate can.

>> Consider accessories

Once you have done your research on how to buy a dog crate and have chosen the best dog crate to buy for your four-legged friend, you can add accessories, such as a dog bed, to make the space more comfortable and homey if your dog crate size is large enough. Food and water dishes, toys and blankets can also be added to make your dog feel relaxed and cared for while in a dog crate.

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