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Determining which DJ mixer to buy

which dj mixer to buy

A DJ mixer buying guide

Whether you are considering buying DJ mixers for personal use, to mix and record new music or to perform at parties, clubs and events, there are some considerations you need to take into account so that you can determine which audio mixers best suit your needs. As you look into which DJ mixer to buy, think about why you are choosing to buy DJ mixers and what purpose a mixer will serve in your day-to-day life.

>> The type of music you want to mix

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Deciding which DJ mixer to buy will depend partly on the type of music you plan to mix or produce with your DJ mixer. The most popular music created using mixers is hip-hop, rap, house music, and bass- and drum-heavy music. Each style requires a special set of features. You will likely favor one mixer over another because of its ability produce the best quality music for your desired genre and the DJ mixer features it offers.

Hip-hop and rap, popular music for parties and clubs, are often mixed using DJ equipment. Hip-hop is known for allowing DJs to "cut" and "scratch" tracks in order to create a variation within the consistent beat and rhythm of a track. DJs who spin hip-hop tend to focus on short transitions and use mixers that offer easy and convenient access to the crossfader. Music that is laden with bass or drums is perfect for mixing with a DJ mixer. DJs cut and mix beats while mixing the songs together. The music alternates between short spurts of music and long blends for a varied genre of music that offers a little bit of everything. If you are considering which DJ mixer to buy and plan on mixing music that is heavy on drums or bass, the best DJ mixer to buy will offer a loose fader with room for beat cutting while providing upfaders and EQs that allow you to plan long stints of blended music. House music is a popular genre of music that has inspired a new generation to use DJ mixers. The music is often featured at clubs and bars and is particularly popular with younger music fans. The genre's popularity in clubs and at parties makes it ideal for use with a DJ mixer and DJ speakers. House music focuses mainly on lengthy mixes of songs that transition seamlessly into one another without breaks or scratching. Because of variations in transition, DJs can use multiple crossfaders that do not necessarily need to be spread out across the board. Some DJs prefer not to use crossfaders during long mixes, but instead decide that the best DJ mixer to buy features multiple upfaders in order to make transitions as smooth and seamless as possible.

>> Consider the source of your music

Many of the best DJ mixers to buy use multiple sources of music to produce a unique mixed sound. Vinyl records, compact discs and electronic files are all popular sources of music that can be used with various models of DJ mixers to produce the sound you desire. When considering which DJ mixer to buy, determine what sources you would like to use and research which models of DJ mixers will support those music sources.

>> What DJ mixer features do you want?

best dj mixer to buy

DJ mixers are multi-faceted electronic devices that provide different functions so you can produce the music that you create. When researching which DJ mixer to buy, consider the variety of DJ mixer features, such as fades, inputs, channels and controls, as well as which are most beneficial to you and the type of music you would like to produce. Then you will be able to narrow down which are the best DJ mixers for you.

When looking at DJ mixer designs, think about faders and crossfaders. These devices are levers that slide to allow you to fade the volume in and out as you transition between songs or other musical clips.

The level controls help you create desired effects while mixing tracks. The controls allow you to adjust the input to choose what tone is most prominent in each channel, creating various levels of bass and treble to produce the desired effects, and determine the strength of the lows, mids and highs of every track that is placed into the mix.

Volume control is a specific form of level control that deals exclusively with adjusting the volume to the levels of the mid, high and bass frequencies in order to achieve a sound that will enhance your music.

Sound FX features on DJ mixer designs allow you to experiment with unique creative sounds. Using this feature, you can produce music that you would not be able to produce with basic level controls alone.

Mic input is a feature of DJ mixer designs that powers a microphone in order to project your voice to a crowd. The feature is perfect if you are wondering which DJ mixer to buy and plan on working at events, clubs and other functions. The feature works well with musical instruments and karaoke parties.

The number of channels featured in a DJ mixer design typically represents the number of turntables or CD players that can be plugged into the mixer. Each channel has its own individual set of controls that you use to customize the sound of your music. If you are a DJ who is just starting out and looking at which DJ mixer to buy, consider DJ mixers with two to three channels. If you are a more advanced mixer, consider a larger number of channels so you can add variety to your music.

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Dj Mixer Best Sellers

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