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How to buy a DJ amplifier

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A DJ amplifier buying guide

An electronic DJ amplifier is necessary when you want to play music for a group of people when you are using a sound mixer and passive speakers rather than active speakers. Whether you are a professional DJ or playing music for fun, you need a DJ amplifier to get the music from the DJ mixing console to the speakers. The best DJ amplifier to buy depends on your needs for sound. There are several DJ amplifier benefits to consider while choosing the one for your individual needs.

>> What type of amp do you need?

Dj Amplifier buying guide

Think about the following two basic types of amps and how each pertains to your specific needs.

  • Power-amp - The power DJ amplifier increases the sound leaving the audio mixer, making it powerful enough to be used by the speakers. This type of amp is available in stores that sell music instruments. The power DJ amplifier features include an input line, an output line, a volume control and meters that show sound levels. A power DJ amplifier is often the right choice when choosing the best DJ amplifier due to the large price ranges and selection of power ratings.
  • Class D amp - A class D amplifier is considered to be one of the top DJ amplifiers, and works slightly differently than the power amplifiers. Also referred to as a "switching" DJ amplifier, the class D amp switches the working transistors inside totally on and off, instead of partially open and closed as the other power DJ amplifiers do. This new DJ amplifier increases the mid and bass output, while minimizing power loss, making the amp more efficient. This high-efficiency DJ amplifier is smaller and more compact, and the best DJ amplifier for someone who is concerned with space or carrying large amplifiers. If you don't have a large vehicle to transport your DJ and live sound equipment, consider a class D amplifier.

>> Choosing the right amplifier

When choosing the best DJ amplifier for your needs, consider the amount of total power that all of your speakers combined can handle. The DJ amplifier should be powerful enough to provide the speakers with the necessary sound to keep both the speakers and the DJ amplifier in good working order. When you buy a DJ amplifier, consider buying the speakers at the same time so that they can be matched up in power. A good rule of thumb is to have an amplifier with a little more power than the speakers. The amplifier should generally have between 1.5 and 2.6 times more continuous power than the speakers. Any less, and the sound quality will suffer. Any more, and you risk damaging the speakers. Additionally, ensure that any subwoofer amplifiers do not have much more power than the subwoofer itself to ensure that the two components are compatible.

When buying a new DJ amplifier, consider buying two smaller models instead of one larger one. Two smaller DJ amplifiers give you the same power as one large one, while also allowing you to continue performing in the event of amplifier damage. If buying two to work together, buy the DJ amplifiers that have a little more than the power than one speaker so you will still have enough power to fill the room with sound.

>> Determine the right power rating

Dj Amplifier features

There are two separate things to keep in mind as you determine the power rating.

  • Ohms - When deciding how to choose a DJ amplifier, ohms must be taken into consideration. Most DJ amplifiers are available in 4, 8 or 16 ohms of resistance. In order for the amplifier and speakers to work together efficiently, the total ohms for all the speakers combined, has to be the same as the ohms of the amplifier. Remember to keep your speaker ohms in mind when buying the best DJ amplifier for your needs.
  • RMS - The RMS rating tells you how much power the DJ amplifier has. When you are buying a new DJ amplifier, the RMS rating of the amplifier has to match the RMS rating on your speakers.

>> Check the amplifier features and specifications

When buying the best DJ amplifier, look for amplifier features and specifications that will be useful to you. Some of the most popular features include built-in heat sinks and fans to keep the unit cool, especially if you often use your gear in hot venues. Additionally, check the specifications on the amp to see at what temperatures it can safely operate. Many of the top DJ amplifiers can be bridged. Bridging an amplifier allows you to create a single-channel amp by bridging two channels together on one load. This allows you to deliver more power to the speaker. Most amplifiers have a switch to make this possible. If you feel that the ability to bridge an amplifier will be useful, ensure that the DJ amplifier you choose has the bridging switch.

When choosing the best DJ amplifier for your needs, remember to take the power and configuration of your speakers into consideration. Buy the DJ amplifier that also fits the necessary requirements for the size and configurations of your venue. Remember to consider all the DJ amplifier benefits that are important to your mixing needs when you buy a new unit. DJ amplifiers are found wherever music instruments and karaoke accessories are sold.

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Dj Amplifier Best Sellers

Pyle Pro PPA450 4500 Watt Professional DJ Amplifier - 19" Rack Maontable, Protection Indicator, Stereo/Mono Selector


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