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How to buy a digital projector

how to buy a digital projector

A digital projector buying guide

Digital projectors are popular tools for many different people. When thinking about how to buy a digital projector, or what the best digital projector for you might be, there are a few points you will want to consider before you go shopping.

>> What type of information will you project?

types of digital projectors

The type of information you intend to display affects which digital projector is right for you. If you're planning to show plain or colored data that doesn't move or need to have a high sharpness or clarity, most any model in a projectors and presentation equipment section of a store should work fine. If you want to show high-quality photos, you may want to choose a slightly more advanced piece of office technology so that viewers can see the true colors and a sharp image. If you're planning to show videos or games, a digital movie projector or even a 3D projector is your best bet. It will be designed to keep up with fast-moving images. The best digital projectors on the market can be used to show a video on a large screen without any color or image loss and might be something to consider when thinking about how to buy a digital projector.

You also need to plan for the space where you'll be broadcasting the information. Different types of digital projectors are made for different screen sizes, light levels and viewing distances. Some projectors are considered office products and can be found in stores with office supplies, while others are more accurately categorized as entertainment tools.

>> What type of digital projector do you need?

If you want to show a 3D movie, you need a 3D projector. Without it, the image on the screen won't be displayed as 3D, no matter what the image source is. CRT digital projectors create one of the best image qualities with multiple tubes that give off light and color when activated. Digital projector brands make LCD projectors that include a light source, since an LCD screen doesn't emit light on its own. If you want to choose the best digital projector with LCD technology, choose polysilicon LCD projectors as they can produce a range of vibrant colors. DLP digital projector types use mirrors to create images and are the best digital projector to buy if you need to show dark color levels. These types of digital projectors have the darkest black levels of all digital projectors. LCOS projectors are the best digital projectors to buy if you're showing movies because the black levels are excellent, as are the colors and the amount of pixelation. Multimedia projectors are good all-around projectors for classrooms and offices. Knowing how to buy a digital projector involves being able to choose between the different types of digital projectors so that you can get the best digital projector for the job.

>> What digital projector accessories do you need?

digital projector buying guide

Knowing how to buy a digital projector isn't complete until you know what you need to buy to go with it. If your projector doesn't have a source that creates its own light, you need the proper lamp and bulb to go with the projector. The top digital projector lamps and bulbs are built specifically for particular digital projector brand products. As such, be sure that the lamp or bulb you are getting is compatible with the projector you have or are considering.

If you plan to use the projector to present information in front of a crowd, consider purchasing a remote designed to work with the type of digital projector you own. It will help you conduct your presentation smoothly without having to return to the device or connected computer. Portable projectors will need batteries and chargers to keep them functional in the field, while Wi-Fi-enabled digital projectors may not come with a wireless adapter. If an adapter doesn't come with the projector, you'll likely want to purchase one separately.

>> Have you performed a digital projector comparison?

Not all types of digital projectors are created equal in terms of picture quality, sound capabilities and usage. When buying a digital projector, make sure you're getting one with specifications designed with the type of content you want to show in order to make it the top digital projector for your needs.


Purpose / Definition

Useful Activities

Resolution The higher the resolution of an image, the better it looks. Each piece of your setup is limited by the other pieces; for example, a video that can display at 1080p must have both a display and a device that can output video at 1080p, or else the resolution of the video will be reduced. Projectors that can display in 720p or 1080p are best used for playing films, high-resolution images or games.
Brightness The brightness of the projector plays a role in determining how dark the room has to be for viewers to see the projected image clearly. The brighter the projector output, the brighter the room in which it can be seen. The light a projector broadcasts is measured in lumens. Unless the projector will only be used in low-light rooms, it's better to purchase a projector that has a higher number of lumens than a model with a lower number.
Sound capabilities Not all projectors can broadcast sound. If you need to play sound, purchase one that has on-board speakers to reduce the amount of equipment you have to bring when using the projector. Projectors with on-board sound can still be hooked up to external speakers. On-board sound for projectors is most useful for projectors that will show multimedia presentations or movies.
Flexibility Some projectors are more flexible than others. For example, portable projectors are light enough to be easily moved from one location to another. Purchase a more flexible projector when you have more than one environment in which you want to use the projector.

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Digital Projectors Best Sellers

I Digital Galaxy DG-737 Video Projector

Mini Digital LED Display Movie Video Projector Home Theater Media Player w/HDMI

Pyle PRJLE78 High Definition Home Theater Multimedia Digital LED Projector

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