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Finding the best curio cabinet for you

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A curio cabinet buying guide

A curio cabinet is a great piece of furniture to store your treasured mementos and collectables. There are many beautiful and unique curio cabinets for you to choose from. A curio cabinet can store many different things, such as china and crystal glasses, and it can easily become a valued piece of kitchen furniture. With a little research you can be sure you have picked the very best curio cabinet for your home.

>> What kind of curio cabinet do you need?

curio cabinet designs

Before you buy curio cabinets, you should decide what curio cabinet designs will suit your needs. If you want to use the curio cabinet as a china cabinet, you will need one big enough to house all your china and glassware. A corner curio cabinet will make all your smaller collectables stand out and will make a great addition to any room you wish.

If you want your expensive pieces to stand out, an all glass curio cabinet will not detract from your collection. If you only have a few items to put on display, you may be able to use a smaller curio cabinet with only a few shelves. You can easily find unique curio cabinets with three or less shelves in them. With all the curio cabinet sizes, you will be able to pick the right curio cabinet to fit all your collectables.

>> Consider the space you have for your curio cabinet

As you search for the best curio cabinet for your home, you will have to make the decision on where you would like to place the cabinet. If you do not have a lot of space, a thin corner curio cabinet or a wall hanging curio cabinet may work for you. You can find a small curio cabinet to fit in almost any corner you have. A wall curio cabinet can hold your treasured items high away from small fingers that might want to play with your items.

Many stylish curio cabinets are large enough to house all your most expensive pieces of china. If you have ample wall space, you should be able to use a standard curio cabinet design. A short curio cabinet is useful because you may be able to use it as a sofa table or shelf for added storage. Knowing what space you have will help you choose from the best curio cabinet styles on the market today.

>> Consider the design of the curio cabinet

When you think about the best curio cabinet for your home, you should think about how you would like your curio cabinet to look. There are many beautiful curio cabinet designs for you to consider. If you like classic furniture, a standard wooden curio with glass panels and shelves would do nicely. You can get the wood in any tone or color you desire to match your furnishings. The wooden curio can come in many shapes and sizes. They can be tall to grace a wall or short to fit behind a couch. You could also use these top curio cabinets as a functional piece of kitchen furniture. A curio cabinet in the kitchen can be used to hold many valuable home supplies for you. An antique looking curio cabinet can bring vintage class to your home or office.

An all, or mostly all, glass curio cabinet will hold your valued belongings in style. Without wood tones blocking the view, your items will stand out dramatically. You can find a glass curio cabinet with or without doors. Glass can also make for very unique curio cabinets due to the fact that the case can be different shapes or sizes. These are all important factors to decide on before you buy curio cabinets for your home.curio cabinet sizes

>> Consider the materials of the cabinet

Considering the materials of the best curio cabinet you can buy is also an important decision just as it is with any other furniture. Wood is the most common choice for curio cabinets. Wooden curio cabinets make a beautiful addition to any home or office. Wooden curio cabinets are also easy to maintain - dusting and occasional furniture polish will keep these stylish curio cabinets looking beautiful. You can find the wood in any rich wood tone you like, such as cherry wood or a mahogany tone. Many curio cabinets contain glass panels in the doors and sides.

You can find many curio cabinet designs with different levels of glass. It is easy to find a curio cabinet with just glass panels in the doors or a mostly glass curio cabinet with a small wooden frame. You may find glass panels that have designs etched into them for added appeal. Solid glass curio furniture is also very easy to clean. Glass cleaner and dusting will keep your cabinet neat and clean.

Metal makes very unique curio cabinets. A metal curio cabinet is very modern in appearance and easy to maintain. You can find a metal curio cabinet with or without the glass panels. Metal curio cabinets might not be as heavy as wooden curio cabinets, making them easier to move if needed. Knowing what materials you like in furniture will help you buy curio cabinets for your home.

>> Choose the features you want

When it is time to decide on your perfect curio cabinet, you should consider what special features you would like. Many of the top curio cabinets are lighted, giving your collectables a proper showcase. The lights are normally located on the top and bottom of the case. The light will bounce off the glass shelves, thus lighting up the whole case. Glass shelves are a popular choice in curio cabinets.

Another curio cabinet option is shelves you can maneuver and adjust depending on your collection. This makes it easier to house any size collectable you have. If you have items that are valuable and breakable, curio cabinet doors with locks may be the perfect choice to keep your belongings safe and sound. Curio cabinet doors that open on either the right or left is another feature that may be desirable for you. Knowing what features are most desirable to you will help you find your perfect curio cabinet.

There are many considerations for you to decide on when you look for the best curio cabinet for you home. Whether you want a classic wooden curio that is lighted or a modern all glass one without doors, you should be able to find the curio cabinet that is perfect to store your most valued treasures.

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