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Wilton 12"x10.5"
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Cupcakes on display: What makes the best cupcake stand?

best cupcake stand

A cupcake stand buying guide

In order to locate the best cupcake stand for your needs, it is important to examine the different styles, materials and elements of each type. When you want to display cupcakes at an event, consider who the guests are and how accessible the stand will be for them. Try to buy cupcake stand options that can be used for multiple types of events. This aids in reducing the potential for storage clutter in the home.

>> Consider the party size

cupcake stand designs

The party size can often determine the types of cupcake stands used. It also helps you find cupcake stand sizes in the right dimensions. For a small gathering, a stand that can hold perhaps up to one dozen cupcakes is often sufficient. The varying cupcake stand dimensions available will give you plenty of room to display each baked good without crowding the others.

A party of medium size may require a tiered design. Some of the best cupcake stand options are tiered. This allows you to separate designs, flavors and colors easily. It also gives dimension to a table size. An ideal size for the display area would be 18 inches in diameter in order to place enough full-size cupcakes on the stand.

Where larger parties are concerned, multiple cupcake stands in various cupcake stand dimensions should be put into use. The shape can also vary as long as the style and colors match. At a larger event, you will be able to have cupcakes available in more than one location for guests to enjoy. Consider the number of cupcake stands to buy for use at big events.

>> Consider style

Cupcake towers are often found in a variety of styles and designs. Some unique cupcake stands can be found to fit a specifically themed event. Cupcake stand designs can help to define a theme as well as showcase a special food item. It does not have to be just cupcakes on the tiers.

Keep in mind that some cake stands can double as a place to display cupcakes as well. These are generally basic tiered designs with large flat base areas. Those that are made in a tray design are also ideal for this dual purpose. The best cupcake stand for some will be a design that has multiple use options. Creativity to use an item for multiple purposes is ideal when adding items to the kitchen and entertaining supply list.

When you plan to buy cupcake stand designs for a specific holiday or theme, keep in mind the storage that it will require. Also consider the possibility of using the same stand for another type of gathering by redesigning the outside. This can be done by using royal icing and crepe paper or candy design pieces. You can also use plastic items, cut table cloths and just about any other craft item to recreate the outer design of a cupcake stand.

Some novelty or cool cupcake stands have moving parts and additional attachments, and they can hold entire cakes as well. These versatile style designs open up more freedom for use. Not only can it hold baked goods, but in most cases, a novelty stand or tray can be used for small sandwiches, hors d'oeuvres and nearly any other small bites.

Some events call for the use of designer cupcake stands that are in a tree shape. This design offers multiple tiers and levels to display items on. It is also a good idea to use various cupcake stand sizes to create this effect. Inanimate objects such as blocks, pieces of wood or other design elements can be used to create the cupcake tree effect.cupcake stand dimensions

>> Consider material

A variety of materials are used for making cupcake stands. A rare find is a cupcake stand made of wood. These cool cupcake stands are easy to care for, as they should be hand washed and store well. The ability to decorate the stand to match a theme keeps them desirable. To properly maintain this type of stand, keep it wrapped in paper or plastic while stored.

Plastic is a common material used for making cupcake stands. Keep in mind that plastic can stain easily and can warp in a dishwasher. It is best to line a plastic cupcake stand with doilies or decorative paper and hand wash it afterwards. Many unique cupcake stands can be made from plastic. This material keeps the structure lightweight, yet durable enough to hold completely decorated goods.

Storing and maintaining plastic stands is simple. Store them in a cool space that is free from humidity. This prevents warping and molding. For maintenance, simply wipe the stand down before and after use. A soapy cloth is ideal to prevent scratches from occurring. Keep your best cupcake stand in prime condition by properly maintaining and storing it after an event.

Steel or metal cupcake stands are popular. The shiny finish matches most themes. These can also be decorated to fit a specific event. Steel and metal cupcake stands are rather durable. They can be stored just about anywhere and should be hand washed to prevent rusting of the surface. Some of the most ideal cupcake stands to buy are metal because of the durability and ease of use.

Another material used for making some of the best cupcake stand designs is glass. It is strong, durable and capable of withstanding any outdoor elements with ease. Maintaining designer cupcake stands made of glass is simple. A hot, soapy cloth is the ideal way to clean this item. It should be stored in a protected manner, meaning that it is wrapped in cloths or bubble wrap to prevent breakage.

Along with finding the best cupcake stand, consider the accessories you might need as well. Purchasing paper cupcake holders is ideal as they are disposable and aid in the cleanup process after a gathering. It also alleviates the requirement for needing cake serving supplies such as a server, plates and knives. Decorate or highlight a cupcake stand at an event to tie in a theme. These are ideal to have on hand for parties.

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Cupcake Stand Best Sellers

Wilton 12"x10.5" Cupcake Stand, White 24 ct. 1512-127

Chef Buddy 3-Tier Collapsible Dessert Stand, White

Blue Polka Dot Cupcake Stand

Wilton 4-Tier Dessert Tower, 36 ct. 307-856

Wilton Cupcakes 'N More® 12"x13" Dessert Stand, 23 ct. 307-826
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