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Picking out the best cowgirl boots

best cowgirl boots

A cowgirl boot buying guide

The best cowgirl boots are not just for the ranch anymore. Unique cowgirl boots can be worn with everything from work pants to dresses. Before you start to shop for cowgirl boots consider how you will use them, how they are made and what features they offer to make the fit more comfortable.

>> Consider the variances in style and cut

new cowgirl boots

Cowgirl boot designs vary depending on the way you plan to wear them. Before you purchase cowgirl boots determine what you will be doing when you are wearing them. There are cowgirl boot styles that should be worn for rugged work, others that are designed for rodeo competition and still others that can be worn with casual wear. Brides have taken to wearing unique cowgirl boots under their wedding dresses.

You can find cowgirl boots in each of the four main types of cowgirl boots: work boots, rodeo boots, casual boots and dress boots. Manufacturers take into consideration how the boot will be worn when they are choosing the heel style, the lining and the stitching used on the women's western boots. Casual boots are designed for everyday wear and often require low maintenance to keep them looking good; typically a little oiling is all you need to care for the boots. Top cowgirl boots designed for rodeo wear are made with a lip above the heel and a rawhide heel counter to hold the spur. This boot style also has a relatively high heel and is often highly decorated.

When working outside you may want to consider waterproof boots to ensure your feet stay dry even when the weather does not. Women don't have to settle when it comes to women's fashion and women's rain boots. There are rain boots designed to look like genuine cowgirl boots. The best cowgirl boots will not only be functional but will match your style and be comfortable.

>> Consider the toe

Make sure you look at the toe before you buy cowgirl boots. The three most common toe styles are pointed, square or round. Pointed and square toed boot styles are designed so that the wearer's toes are not enclosed in the point or square, and instead the toes end where the toe of the boot starts. Cowgirl boot brands with the round toe and a walking heel are the most similar style to conventional shoes. When learning to buy the best cowgirl boots, remember that boot shape can affect how the boot fits.

>> Consider shaft height

You can choose to buy new cowgirl boots that hit your leg at mid-calf or a pair that stops at your ankle. Typically, the cowgirl boots will be less than 12 inches high, but the buckaroo style averages between 15 and 20 inches high. The taller boots usually have a pull hole to help you pull the boot up instead of the pull tab found on most styles. The height of the boot you choose comes down to a matter of personal preference and the desired look you want. You should also pick a height that allows you to tuck your pants into the boot if you should choose to do so at any time.types of cowgirl boots

>> Consider the soles

Along with the toe style and the shaft height, you should also consider the sole of the boot when looking for the best cowgirl boots for you. Soles typically used on top cowgirl boots are either smooth or threaded and are made of urethane, rubber or slip-resistant material. The type of sole you choose needs to keep you safe and prevent you from slipping.

>> Choose features to improve fit, function and comfort

The different types of cowgirl boots come with many features to give you a better fit, be more functional and provide comfort even when you wear them for a long period of time. Of course, looking good is also important when you are looking to buy cowgirl boots but should be considered only after comfort. Cowgirl boot designs range from boots that look like the old west cowboy boot to pink, more feminine boots. Cowhide leather is the most popular choice of material used in boots, but there are also unique cowgirl boots that use exotic animal skins such as lizard, snake, elephant, alligator and many more.

Many feel the best cowgirl boots to use as work boots are the ones that are made of waterproofed leather and have a lace up closure style, instead of just pulling straight on. If the boots will be worn outside in cooler weather, you should look into lined boots that will keep your feet warmer. Boots that have insole cushioning will be more comfortable than those that do not. Double stitching is used often on cowgirl boots for added strength.

Contemporary cowgirl boots have heels that range between 0.75 and 1.75 inches tall. Vintage boots typically have heels that are taller than 1.75 inches. There are two styles of cuts most often used for cowgirl boot heels: straight and undershot. The straight cut heel is dropped straight all the way around, sort of resembling a block of wood, and it is typically used on casual and work boots. Dress and rodeo boots typically have the undershot heel. This style of heel angles forward from the back and the part of the heel that hits the ground is more forward and smaller than the part that connects to the boot.

The best cowgirl boots need to function in a way that fits your needs. With the many different designs for cowgirl boots on the market, you are sure to find the fit, look, and style you want. You can choose the design, the color and even the material that is used on your boots so that you know you are getting exactly what you are looking for when you purchase women's shoes.

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Cowgirl Boot Best Sellers

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