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How to buy a cot

How to buy a cot

A cot buying guide

Cots have many uses beyond camping trips. Today's cots can be as comfortable, stylish and portable as you want them to be. Whether you need extra sleeping space for guests in your home, an extra bed in a hotel room, a temporary bed or a permanent one, cots can serve your purpose. Knowing how to buy a cot can help you find the best cot to buy for your needs and one you will enjoy for years to come. Use this cot buying guide to learn some important factors to consider as you figure out how to buy a cot.

>> Find the cot that fits your needs

The first thing to do when learning how to buy a cot is to determine its primary purpose. Are you having overnight guests and need space for them to sleep comfortably? Is someone moving in with you temporarily and you need a semi-permanent bed for that person? Do you need extra sleeping space in a hotel room and don't want to pay for a roll-away bed? Are you planning a camping trip? These are all situations where a cot will come in handy. Deciding on the primary purpose of your cot will guide your choices and help you determine which cot to buy.cot designs

The next step is to decide on a budget for your cot. There are many different types of cots; some are luxurious, whereas others are made for roughing it. Once you have your cot's purpose in mind, look for one that most closely fits that purpose with a price within your budget.

>> Consider the different types of cots

The different types of cots include camp cots, freestanding cots and roll-away cots. There are also double cots, which fit two people comfortably. Camping cots pack up easily and fit into most car trunks or on rooftop luggage racks. They are simple to set up and take apart. Freestanding cots are meant to be used on a semi-permanent basis. They typically require some assembly and are very sturdy once you have them up. They can be used as beds for houseguests, boarders or children sleeping over. Roll-away cots have wheels and can be moved from room to room or within a room as needed. They are easy to fold and store and are commonly used as extra sleeping space in hotel rooms. These are popular with people who travel in large groups.

>> Choose the size of your cot

Cot sizes are important. Fortunately, a large selection of cot sizes is available. Knowing how to buy a cot means knowing who will be sleeping on it the most. Make sure the cot is big enough for that person. Cots come in child and adult sizes, and cot sizes include child-sized, medium-sized, large and double cots. Child-sized double cots are excellent for slumber parties. If you're a frequent host of these parties, you may consider getting two or three double cots. If the cot is for guests or an extra hotel bed, and you're not sure who will be sleeping on it at any given time, then choose an adult-sized cot. A double cot is extra wide and fits two people side by side.

>> Cot comparison chart

Camp cot: Camp cots are made of sturdy materials and are easy to assemble and disassemble quickly. They are durable and made to withstand tough outdoor conditions.
Rollaway cot: Rollaway cots are semi-permanent cots with wheels. The wheels allow the cot to be moved from one place to another easily. The cots can be slid into narrow or hard-to-reach spaces. They can easily be stored in a spare closet.
Double cot: Double cots are extra-wide cots made for two people next to each other. They can be luxurious or simple, depending on their intended use.

>> Find the cot that fits your style

Design choice is the final step in learning how to buy a cot. There are plenty of designs to choose from when you shop for cots. The majority of cots come in solid colors and polyester fabrics. Sometimes you can find stripes of various colors or other patterns. Higher-end cots meant for permanent indoor use usually come with cotton or some other soft fabric that is not suitable for extended camping. compare cots

Cots for children often have more whimsical choices in design. Permanent sleeping cots or travel cots for kids may have cartoon character designs or animal prints on them.

Frames are typically aluminum for indoor cots and powder-coated steel for outdoor cots. Frames sometimes come in neutral colors like brown, beige or black. Most often, they simply look like metal. If you're using a permanent cot, you can cover the metal frame by draping a flat sheet in the color of your choice over the whole cot. This will help it match your overall home decor.

Adjustable cots are also available. These cots act like an adjustable bed. You can raise the feet or head, tilt the whole thing up or down, raise it slightly at the head for reading in bed or set it flat. These types of cots aren't electronic; the adjusting is done manually. Many people enjoy adjustable cots because they provide greater comfort by allowing greater flexibility of position.

As you consider all the different types of cot designs, you will find the cot that best suits your personal needs. Then compare cots of that type and decide which cot to buy. Learning how to buy a cot is simple once you determine how it will be used.

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