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How to buy a computer chairhow to buy a computer chair

A computer chair buying guide

A computer chair is an important piece of office furniture, especially if you work behind a desk all day long. On average, some people actually spend more time sitting in a computer chair than lying in a bed. In order to determine how to buy a computer chair that is the best fit for your situation, you will want to consider a number of factors.

>> What benefits do you need from your chair?how to choose computer chair

Considering how to buy a computer chair is important, especially when it comes to the possible benefits you can gain. The best computer chairs can improve your comfort, reduce work-related stresses on your back and ease nagging pains in your body. They can also complement the decor of your workspace and promote functionality.

>> Which ergonomic features do you need?

Ergonomic design is another important factor when considering which type of computer chair to purchase. The human body and its ability to safely and efficiently function in the workspace is at the heart of ergonomic design. The following are some common ergonomic features that companies incorporate when manufacturing office furniture and home supplies.

  • Adjustable height: The computer chair should sit at about one-fourth the height of your entire body, give or take a few inches depending on the ratio between your leg and torso lengths.
  • Depth adjustment: The chair's ability to tilt backward is important for those with chronic back pain since lying down may help to alleviate this issue.
  • Armrest adjustment: Your arms should rest at the same height as your desk in order to prevent stress to your back and posture.
  • Backrest and back support: Your spine naturally curves in the shape of an S, from your neck down to your lower back. Backrests and adjustable back supports allow your back to maintain this natural position as you sit in a chair. The lumbar area, which comprises the area from your tailbone up to your middle back, forms the bottom portion of this curve. Lumbar support computer chairs are a style that supports this specific area.

>> Consider the computer chair's dimensionscomputer chair dimensions

Finding a type of computer chair with appropriate dimensions for your office space and body is another important step in determining how to buy a computer chair. As already mentioned, a sitting height that is one-fourth of your body height is recommended. The seat width should measure between 17 and 20 inches. However, if you have a larger frame, you may want to  consider a heavy-duty computer chair for a more comfortable fit. 

Although you do want a comfortable and roomy chair, you don't want it to take up too much room in your office, especially if you have a home office with limited space. Compare your computer chair's dimensions to the total square footage of your office to make sure that it's a good fit. It's also important to measure your desk to ensure that the chair will be able to fit underneath it.

>> Check for BIFMA accreditation

BIFMA stands for the Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association. This trade group is sanctioned by both the United States government and international standards agencies to write and perform standards testing for all office furniture. These tests ensure that the furniture can sustain a high level of continual stress and, in this case, that the best computer chairs possible are being manufactured. The BIFMA code for computer chairs is ANSI/BIRMA X 5.1.

>> Consider unconventional types of computer chairs

If you find that a conventional style is not the best computer chair for you, there are many others to consider. A kneeling chair, for example, is a style in which your thighs sit at a 60-degree angle with a bar in front to prevent you from falling. This style reduces lower back pain by keeping your body sitting up straight, thereby promoting better vertical alignment. Medicine ball chairs also promote better posture in addition to increased blood circulation and energy. types of computer chairsThese are simply balls that are large enough to sit on. The effort required to sit on them increases blood circulation and reduces fatigue because you constantly have to balance yourself on top of the ball. Saddle chairs, another type, are a little like kneeling chairs except that your legs are typically bent at a greater angle in a saddle chair. Sitting like you are riding a horse in a saddle keeps your spine in its natural S-shape, thereby reducing stress.

>> Does the chair fit in with the style of your office?

A final consideration when determining how to buy a computer chair is the decor of your office. The computer chair design that you choose should complement the style and colors of your space. For example, you will want to choose a modern computer chair design if the rest of your office decor is also in this style. Furthermore, you will want to consider the type of flooring that you have. For example, caster based computer chairs may be a good fit for offices with smooth floors such as wood or tile. This style wouldn't roll as well across carpeting, however. You will also want to consider the style of your industry when choosing the best computer chair design for your space. Certain styles are sometimes associated with particular industries. Legal offices, for instance, often use executive-style leather computer chairs.

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Computer Chair Best Sellers

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