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How to find the best chair slipcovers

best chair slipcover

A chair slipcover buying guide

A chair slipcover is typically made of fabric which fits over your chair to hide its surface from view or protect the chair. Some slipcovers are manufactured in one large piece to cover the entire chair, while others individually fit over certain parts of the chair, such as the cushions and back. Consider the following factors when determining how to buy slipcovers that work for your chairs.

>> Why do you need a slipcover?

designer chair slipcovers

When you consider purchasing the best chair slipcover for your home, think about exactly what you need to cover. Do you want a designer chair slipcover to give your chair a whole new look or to change your chair's color? Matching slipcovers on mismatched chairs creates a coordinated look for your home decor, and you can hide cushion stains or damage to your chair. If you have pets at home, your chair slipcovers can help protect chairs from scratches and a buildup of pet fur. To maintain a clean and fresh appearance, most slipcovers are washable.

>> Choose the type of slipcover you want

You'll find a wide variety of slipcovers in today's market, so choosing the best chair slipcover requires learning about chair slipcover design. Slipcovers are manufactured in different dimensions and styles to provide varying kinds of fits for your chair. Some one-piece covers with looser fabric drape over your chair and allow you to tuck them snugly under cushions, if you wish. Others, featuring stretchy fabric, cling more tightly to chair contours for a fitted look and easy adjustment. Many designer chair slipcover styles fit the exact measurements of different types of chairs, conforming to every edge, angle and curve for a custom look.

Chair slipcover design extends to covers intended for only the chair cushion or for the cushion and arms. Quality chair slipcovers for pets provide a soft place for your pet to rest while protecting the chair's cushions, arms and even the back. Quilted pet slipcovers often feature a microfiber underside to prevent slipping and a sanitized protective finish for odor resistance. Disguise shedding by matching the color of the slipcover to the color of your pet's fur.

>> Consider your chair type

Slipcovers with a general fit usually provide coverage for a wide range of chair styles and frequently feature a draped design, with different options, such as fabric ties, for customizing the fit. Shop for unique chair slipcovers if you want a custom look for a specific chair style. Dining room chairs often feature wood or metal backs and only need a slipcover for the cushion, but you'll also find covers for the whole chair for an entirely fresh look. Quality chair slipcovers exist for a variety of armchair styles. Wing chair slipcovers offer more fabric for the taller back of the chair and its curved design. Parsons chairs are simple in design, with no chair arms, so Parsons chair slipcovers conform to that design. Glider chair slipcovers take into account the movement of the chair and offer a more flexible fit. You'll find quality chair slipcovers for chairs with wide arms, broad backs and different cushion densities. If a general fit cover is not the right choice for your chair, the best chair slipcover is one tailor-made for your chair's design.chair slipcover design

>> What fabrics do you prefer?

Quality chair slipcovers are available in many types of fabric such as cotton, polyester, suede and cotton/spandex blends, as well as in many textures. French pique chair slipcovers feature a raised woven design, while corduroy provides a heavier, ribbed feel. Suede covers are soft to the touch and quilted covers offer a well-cushioned surface. Make sure to check for cleaning instructions prior to purchase. A washable option often makes the best chair slipcover, especially for heavily used chairs. Manufacturers of washable slipcovers provide detailed instructions about machine washing or hand washing in cold or hot water, the best kind of detergent or cleaner to use and details regarding machine drying or line drying. If you want waterproof fabric, search for a designer chair slipcover offering moisture protection, such as one with a laminate backing.

>> Consider your overall room decor

When browsing slipcover color choices, remember your home's interior style and your color preferences before you buy. You might like a chair that stands out or blends with existing decor, or your may prefer to cover multiple chairs with the same chair slipcover design. You could also create a distinct contrast between chairs that currently match. You can go the simple route or pick truly unique chair slipcovers to stand out and make a statement. If you found the perfect chair and it only needs a change of color to fit with your room, achieve that look with a slipcover.

Designer chair slipcover colors come in classic shades of white, cream and black, and in bright, bold colors including fuchsia, lemon and lime green. Your ideas for the best chair slipcover might also include a cover with a pattern such as flowers or stripes, or a plain cover for a simple, cohesive look. Certain slipcovers also offer features like bows at the point where fabric meets, corded seams, skirts or quilted designs.

>> How does the slipcover attach to the chair?

Your general-fit designer chair slipcover might loosely drape over the chair in the manner you prefer and tuck under the cushions. Other slipcovers provide fabric ties or cords to close them over the arms and back of the chair, or plastic bars which tuck down under cushions to add weight and stability to the tucked fabric. Elastic is often sewn into the hems of slipcovers to allow fabric to hug chair contours. The best chair slipcover to prevent pets and children from accessing the chair itself is a slipcover with reciprocal gripping strips for tight closure. If the fabric of your chair slipcover design allows, fabric pins are another option. Once you decide on the right type of slipcover in a color and style that reflects your taste, select a slipcover with an appropriate and pleasing method of fitting onto your chair. When you take these factors into consideration, you will feel confident about your fine new purchase.

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