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How to buy cat litter

best cat litter to buy

A cat litter buying guide

The best cat litter to buy is the one that best fits your home situation. Cats can be very independent, but they are still some of the most pampered pets in many homes. The choice for cat litter can depend on a number of factors. This cat litter buying guide can help to evaluate your individual needs and offer suggestions on how to choose cat litter for your favorite feline companions.

>> Consider the types of cat litter

cat litter brands

The first consideration when deciding the best cat litter to buy is the types of cat litter available. There are two major choices, clumping cat litter and conventional/non-clumping litter. Clumping cat litter is designed to stick together when it comes in contact with liquid. An advantage of clumping cat litter is the owner can easily remove the clumps and only add fresh litter to the box.

Using a conventional or non-clumping litter is a bit different because the granules don't stick together, so the entire contents should be removed and replaced with a fresh supply of litter each time it is cleaned. You can make the fecal and cat urine removal job easier by using feline litter box liners. Many cat litter brands offer dust-free or dust-reduced options and deodorizing agents.

>> Consider cat litter materials

In determining the best cat litter to buy, it's important to look at the different types of cat litter materials. Most types of cat litter are made out of clay. Clay litter can have different names, such as Fullers Earth, Diatomaceous Earth or Sodium Bentonite. Clay litters are easy to find.

Paper, wood, corn, wheat or sawdust cat litter options are most commonly found in pellet form. They have relatively good absorbency and are friendly to the environment. Many have a deodorizing option. When looking for this type of cat litter in your store's pet supplies section, look for "biodegradable" or "eco-friendly" to be written on the label.

The final cat litter option is silica gel or crystal litter. Silica gel is considered to be the most absorbent. This cat litter uses crystals which can absorb and seal away most of the moisture without leaving much odor behind. There is virtually no dust as long as the cat pan is cleaned on a regular schedule. One box of litter can last over two weeks if cleaned daily.

While considering how to choose cat litter and the different types of cat litter available, take a look at litter box features:

Litter box feature



Shape and size Consider the size of your cat. Make sure the box is large enough to fit the full length of your cat. Most boxes are rectangular. It is possible to find litter boxes made just for corners.
Color Based mostly on personal preference. Look for a color or design that matches the decor of the area you are placing the box in. Standard litter boxes have a few solid color options, such as beige, brown and blue. There are cat boxes with decorative sides, such as wood paneling, that you might like as well.
Covers Covers will help odor control and limit spillage outside the box. Covers can be simple plastic covers or full decorative bench seats that store the litter box inside. Many covers have the option of a changeable filter in the lid to help absorb odor. This is handy for multi-cat households.
Cleaning Consider whether you want to clean the box yourself or have it done automatically. Self-cleaning boxes have sensors to detect when your cat leaves the box. They will then automatically rake through the box and capture waste into a bag. Clumping litter is the best cat litter to buy for this style box.

>> Consider the number of cats

cat litter design

When you own more than one cat, it will affect the type of cat litter you purchase, as well as the number of litter boxes you need in your home. Check in the cat supplies section of your local store for litter labeled "multi-cat household" on the package. This means the litter is formulated to handle heavier traffic and odor control. For multiple cats, you might consider having at least two boxes for them to use as well.

>> Consider litter box location

The type of litter can also be affected by location. For areas with heavier people traffic, consider a cat litter designed to trap heavy odors. For a litter box in the garage, many people find that a simple clay litter works well. In most locations, you might consider also using a mat or small rug placed under the litter box to cut down on tracking litter through the house.

Now that you know how to choose cat litter, it will be easier to pick which is the best cat litter to buy for you and feline family member. Feel free to experiment with different types of cat litter until you find the one that works the best for you and your cat.

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Cat Litter Best Sellers

Special Kitty: Natural Cat Litter, 25 Lb

Tidy Cats Scoop Dual Power Cat Litter for Multiple Cats, 20 lbs

Tidy Cats Scoop Cat Litter for Multiple Cats, 20 lb

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