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Choosing which car polish to buy

which car polish to buy

A car polish buying guide

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Car polish can be a fundamental tool in your car care maintenance routine and is one of many auto accessories you should consider using to keep your car looking new.

>> Consider different types of car polish

There are many types of car polish available. Perform a car polish comparison before deciding which car polish to buy to ensure that you get the results you want. The top car polishes provide a high-gloss finish that makes your car look shiny and new. Although the same look can be achieved by using a standard car polish followed by a wax, you can use only car polish if you purchase one with a glossy finish.

Some polishes are designed to remove scratches from the exterior of your vehicle. Others are designed to brighten the look of both the auto and the tires. Conversely, some top car polish types aren't supposed to be used on tires at all. Before you buy car polish, make sure you read the label and are able to apply that type of car polish properly. Certain types of car polishes may give your car a measure of scratch resistance. This helps prevent pieces of dirt and debris from damaging the paint on your car.

Some new car polishes promise a long-lasting finish. This means that whatever the polish does - whether it cleans your car, makes it shiny or provides protection - the results should last longer than with a standard car polish. Which car polish you buy depends on which features of car polish are more important to you.

>> Consider the application process

When figuring out which car polish to buy, consider how it is applied. Hand-applied car polishes have different chemicals and application methods than car polishes that are applied with a machine. Keep in mind that most car polish brands designed to be applied by hand contain chemicals, so you should wear gloves when you're applying the polish. Polishes applied by machine may have more chemicals and require special equipment to use at home.

The car polish you choose will determine not only the outcome of the polishing job, but also how you apply the polish and how much time you spend on the project. New car polish applied with a machine may take less time than car polish that must be painstakingly applied by hand. On the other hand, car polish that you can apply by hand can be done anywhere and doesn't require power hookups or equipment.

>> Consider car wax and safety equipment

Another important thing to consider when deciding which car polish to buy is how types of car polish differ from types of car wax. For one thing, most car polish is sold in liquid form, while car wax is a thicker substance. Car polishes use abrasive material to remove scratches and debris. Wax is designed to add a layer to the car. Polish and wax can be used together to clean and protect your vehicle.

Compare the safety equipment you need for different types of car polish. Some machine-applied car polishes may require safety eyewear and clothing that covers your skin. Car polish applied by hand may also require gloves, but eyewear won't be as critical because the polish isn't diffused into the air.

>> Should you consider professional car polishing?

If you aren't ready to buy car polish and apply it to your automobile yourself, consider a professional car polishing service. Many companies allow you to bring in your vehicle, and they will polish it with new car polish. Some polishes are available only to professionals because of the types of chemicals used in the polish. Having your car professionally polished will help ensure that the job is done correctly and that it takes minimum time.

Alternatively, you can choose which car polish to buy from a store and take it home to do the job yourself without having to consult a professional. Make the choice that's best for your schedule, your car and yourself.

When it comes to automotive supplies, car polish can be important to maintain the look and surface of your car. Taking the time to learn which car polish to buy will help ensure that you find the right one to meet your needs.

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Car Polish Best Sellers

Meguiar's Ultimate Polish

Nu Finis Paste Car Polish, 8 oz.

Surf City Garage Beyond Clay Paint Polish, 8 oz

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