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How to buy camping cookware

how to buy camping cookware

A camping cookware buying guide

When you head out for a weekend of camping, you will need to make sure you are prepared for the trip. There are many things to consider when it comes to how to buy camping cookware. Your cooking needs are only one aspect of the shopping. Heat sources, additional weight and material selection are other items to take into consideration. Think about the following points and how they pertain to you before shopping for the best camping cookware to meet your needs.

>> Consider your specific needs

camping cookware set

Campouts can be with a group or just as a family, but when you go to purchase camping cookware, you need to consider how much you require. Some things to think about include how long you plan to be gone and what meals need preparation. You can purchase camping cookware sets, but you may only need a burner. With large groups, you will need much more cookware and accessories. However, you will also have the ability to divide the supplies up over many hikers.

If you are only cooking specific meals, the cookware you will require will be small. You may only need a camping oven and then eating utensils and plates. In addition, if you are camping near a water source, you can clean the cookware between meals, leaving you with fewer items required.

>> Consider types of stoves and heat sources

There are three main types of stoves and heat sources for those eating while camping or hiking. The first type of heat sources is building a fire with wood in a fire pit. This is the lightest form of heat source for hikers because wood can be found at the campsite. Cartridge stoves are also popular choices for those looking at how to buy camping cookware. They are another light addition to a hiker's pack. They are easy to clean and use compressed gas that is sold in separate containers. They simmer better than liquid gas stoves, but blended fuel should be used for greater success if camping during cold weather. The final type of heat source is liquid stoves. These are better for campers who are driving to their campsite. They do burn hotter, making them the best camping cookware during cold or windy weather, but they are also tend to be heavier.

>> Consider the cookware's weight

camping cookware designs

When looking at how to choose camping cookware, you will need to look at the amount the cookware weighs. If there are a lot of people in your hiking group, then the weight can be divided up. However, if you are hiking with a small group, or alone, you will want lightweight cookware. If you are driving to a campsite, the weight of the camping pots is not much of an issue since you will be taking it from your vehicle to the campsite. Durable camping cookware can be found in both lightweight material and heavier material. When looking at how to buy camping cookware, you will want to look at the weight of the cookware based on how many pieces you have as well. If you are a solo camper, you can purchase heavier material because you will not need as many pieces.

>> Consider which materials are best for you

Whether you are purchasing a camping cookware set or just a few pieces, you will want to buy the best camping cookware material for your needs. There are a few types of cookware materials, and they are all beneficial in different ways. Knowing the different types of material will help you know how to choose camping cookware that will make your camping trip a success.

Cookware Material


Stainless Steel Stainless steel is a fairly durable camping cookware material. When cooking with this material, you will want to stay vigilant over your food to prevent hot spots from forming.
Aluminum Aluminum is the best camping cookware for hikers. It is very lightweight and conducts heat uniformly.
Cast Iron Cast iron is a material that is best for those who are driving to their campsite, due to the additional weight. This is an extremely durable material and heats evenly.
Titanium Another great cookware material for those who are hiking is titanium. It is durable and lightweight, making it an easy addition to a pack heavy with camping supplies.

>> Consider extras and features to round out the collection

The final part of knowing how to buy camping cookware is making sure you get all the camping cooking accessories that will make your cookware collection complete. In addition to the various materials of camping cookware, there is also non-stick cookware that will make clean up easier. Some camping cooking equipment can be found in a camping cookware set, such as utensils and other eating accessories. Finally, take note of whether you need kettles for tea or coffee in the morning, any camping ovens, popcorn poppers or griddles for cooking other types of food. These additions are often better for campers who are driving their vehicle to a campsite. When looking for a camping cookware set for hiking, you will want camping cookware designs that allow the cookware to collapse and fit easily into a hiker's pack.

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