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How to buy camping chairs

how to buy camping chair

A camping chair buying guide

You can use camping chairs for camping and as seating for any other outdoor activities. There are several things to consider when figuring out how to buy camping chairs, including who will use the chair, the type of chair you want, the material of the chair and the portability of the chair.

>> Consider who will use the chair

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When looking for the best camping chairs, think about who will be using them. The camping chair dimensions will affect who is able to sit in it. Kids' camping chairs are lower to the ground, have a smaller seat and have a lighter weight limit than chairs made for adults.

Standard camping chairs can bear weight from 50 pounds to 250 pounds. If you're on the large side, the chair weight limit needs to be higher than with a regular camping chair. If you need a camping chair that holds greater weight, consider oversized camping chairs or stools.

>> Consider the type of chair

There are several types of camping chairs and stools to choose from. Regular, or standard, camping chairs are often collapsible and come with a carrying bag. They are very sturdy and vary in style, with numerous features available. When you are looking for top-rated camping chairs in a standard size, you will find chairs with different features and possibly extra padding. If you plan to use these chairs a lot, you need a durable camping chair.

Camping stools are wooden or plastic and can handle up to 500 pounds. They vary in height and style. They can be made from wood, plastic or steel, and they often have cloth seats. The style of the legs varies from a tripod style to an "x" design.

The type of camping chair called a minimal chair can be the best camping chair for children and for backpacking. Consider these chairs if you are figuring out how to buy camping chairs for hiking.

Luxurious, high-quality camping chairs are also available. These chairs are best if you are figuring out how to buy camping chairs that offer additional support from strong backs, extra features and arm rests.

>> Consider the type of material

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The seats of camping chairs are made of two main types of material: foam and nylon. Nylon makes for a durable camping chair that is also water resistant and comfortable. Camping chairs made out of foam are the best chairs to buy if you are camping near water.

>> Consider portability

Consider portability when looking for the best camping chair. If you are hiking or backpacking, make sure you use chairs that are very small when they fold up. Look for stools or folding seats like those seen on bleachers at sporting games.

Standard camping chairs fold up but take up quite a bit of space. They often come with a carrying case that includes a strap so you carry the chair on your back. These kinds of chairs are easy to carry from a vehicle to a camping site or to a boat. Because luxurious chairs tend to be bulky, they are the best camping chairs if you are car camping.

>> Consider camping chair features

camping chair design

When you are looking for camping furniture, you may want to find a unique camping chair. You can find various camping chair designs in the sports and outdoor supplies section.

Arm rests: Standard camping chairs come with or without armrests. The armrests may include cup holders. Armrests and cup holders will make you more comfortable but add weight to the chair.

Foot rests: Top-rated camping chairs include footrests. These chairs are considered luxurious and are best when car camping.

Canopy: A camping chair may include a canopy, or you can purchase a canopy separately. Canopies are great if you camp often in different kinds of weather, because they protect you from rain and sun. If you are hiking or backpacking, purchase the canopy separately from the chair to simplify transportation.

Some camping chairs have extra cushions. These cushions are known as extended pads, and they fold out from underneath to provide support for your legs. When these cushions are fully extended, you can use your camping chair as a comfortable place to sleep.

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Camping Chair Best Sellers

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