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How to buy Bright Starts products

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A Bright Starts buying guide

There is a variety of Bright Starts baby products available for different times in your baby's day and throughout his or her development. From play mats to sleep solutions to toys and furniture, the Bright Starts product collection is extensive and includes many items to delight, entertain and relax your baby or toddler. As you become more familiar with the list of Bright Starts products, you may discover items you never expected to find.

>> Consider your child's age

list of bright starts products

When deciding which unique Bright Starts product you want to purchase, start by establishing what age group you are buying for. The Bright Starts product collection is made up of products for very young babies up to toddlers and young children. Look for a Bright Starts product designed for your child's age. You can also find items that grow with your child as he or she gets older.

Some products, such as certain Bright Starts activity walkers, are adjustable so that you can use them at multiple sizes and levels of development. Some products are designed for tummy time but can also be used as your baby gets older and starts to crawl. Read the product descriptions when you buy Bright Starts items to see what age or age ranges they are meant for.

>> How do you intend to use the Bright Starts products?

Another way to evaluate which top-rated Bright Starts products are right for your child is to determine whether you want something for play or for rest. Items for play have sensory additions, bright colors and sometimes sounds. Items for rest are soft and designed for comfort. Baby gear for rest includes sleepers, swings and even a soothing mobile that lulls your child to sleep. Items designed for play include Bright Starts infant activity mats, toys and play pens.

>> Which Bright Starts products do you prefer?

Knowing what unique Bright Starts product to buy is easier when you know which products are available for purchase. There are several quality Bright Starts products to choose from. Examine a list of Bright Starts products to see which ones are right for you before you buy Bright Starts items. Consider the Bright Starts product comparison chart below:



Swings Baby swings provide a good way for your child to relax. They may include toys or interactive elements that your baby can play with while the swing is in motion. Baby swings also include straps and belts to keep your child in place while he or she is in the seat.
Bouncers Bouncers offer comfort and entertain your baby while he or she is resting in them. They're usually suspended from a metal or plastic frame. Like swings, bouncers include safety straps to keep your child secure, and there are often items on the bouncer seat for your child to play with.
Walkers Buy Bright Starts walkers to provide your child a place to sit while moving around. The frame has wheels on it, and a child uses his or her legs to move around. The tray that surrounds the seat may have toys mounted on it to amuse your child when in the walker.
Mats Play mats and rest mats are top-rated Bright Starts products that offer your child a clean place to spend tummy time, play with items above him or her or relax. These are light and easy to transport, which can give your child a sense of home when you're on the road.
Toys Bright Starts toys are designed to engage and educate children. You can also buy Bright Starts toys to use with other Bright Starts products.
Tables Tables are usually a baby's height and are covered with items to entertain your baby. For example, you'll find Bright Starts musical learning tables that play different sounds. There are also toys built on to the table. Some of the tables are collapsible so that your child can play with them sitting on the floor or standing.
Bath products Top-rated Bright Starts products include trainer toilet seats, step stools and booster seats.

Whether you're in the market for Bright Starts baby play yards or other products entirely, consider several different styles of products to see which works best for you and your child.bright starts products collection

>> What Bright Starts features do you want?

First, decide whether you want an item that makes sounds or something silent. Next, decide whether you want flashing lights or something that doesn't use electricity. Finally, decide whether you want to buy Bright Starts products that have items attached or if you'd rather have separate pieces. There are many choices in the Bright Starts product collection.

>> Which Bright Starts designs do you like?

The last thing to consider is the color and style you like. You can buy Bright Starts products that look great with the toys and furniture you already own. Most quality Bright Starts products come in bright colors to delight babies. Others, like the Bright Starts comfort bouncer seat, are available in muted pastels.

When you shop for Bright Starts items, keep in mind where you'll put them and how your child will use them. With such a large variety of products available, you can outfit an entire room with Bright Starts products.

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Bright Start Best Sellers

Bright Starts - Doodle Bugs Around We Go Baby Activity Station

Bright Starts Jammin' Jungle Activity Gym

Bright Starts Sit to Stride Activity Walker

Bright Starts Pretty in Pink Sweet Safari Bounce-a-Round

Bright Starts Entertain and Grow Saucer
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