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How to choose a bird feeder

how to choose a bird feeder

A bird feeder buying guide

A great way to bring nature to your back door is by adding one or more bird feeders to your property. Many birds will appreciate the food. You can find many bird feeder designs that will work well with your home and lifestyle. When thinking about how to buy bird feeders, there are several things you will want to keep in mind.

>> Decide what kind of birds you want to attract

bird feeder designs

The first thing to do before deciding how to buy a bird feeder is to figure out which birds are native to your area and which ones you want to attract to your property. Certain bird feeder styles are designed to appeal to specific varieties of birds. They may have smaller openings or hold different types of food.

The size of the entrance will also determine which birds can access the feeder. Once you decide which breeds of birds you'd enjoy having around, you can choose a feeder that they will enjoy.

>> Decide if you want an open or closed bird feeder

You can find different types of bird feeders that have various size openings. Some bird feeder styles have multiple windows where more than one bird can feed at the same time. You can find ones with small openings that only tiny birds can get to and larger openings in another part of the feeder for larger birds. These are the best bird feeders if you want to attract multiple varieties of birds.

When deciding how to buy a bird feeder, you'll also want to consider what other creatures might be in the area. Squirrels, for example, will likely want the food if they know it's there. Squirrel proof bird feeders generally have very small openings that just allow the bird's beak to fit in.

>> Decide where you will place the feeder

types of bird feeders

When you are considering how to buy a bird feeder, you'll want to decide on the location where you will put it before you go shopping. This lets you know your options for the different types of bird feeders you can buy. Bird feeders can be hung in a tree close to where they nest. You can also buy a feeder that comes with a platform or bird feeder poles to set out in your backyard. This is the ideal choice if you do not have any trees in your yard.

You can also find different types of bird feeders that come with suction cups to attach to a window. This is a great option if you like to sit inside and watch the birds eat.

>> Choose the type of material

Bird feeders come in a variety of materials. The material affects the bird feeder designs, but it also influences what other animals will come there to eat. Wooden bird feeders are more natural and enhance the beauty of the space where you put them. They can withstand heavy use but may need to be replaced over time.

Glass bird feeders are a nice choice if you want to see how much food is inside and watch the birds eat. Metal is a durable choice and cannot be easily damaged by squirrels and other animals. These types of bird feeders need to be placed in the shade so the metal stays cool.

Wire bird feeders use a small mesh wiring to keep the food inside and allow multiple birds to feed at the same time. If you would like to have a large gathering of birds, this is the perfect choice.

>> Consider tube feeders

Tube feeders are very narrow and can hold liquid that serves as food for certain types of birds. One popular bird that enjoys these feeders is the hummingbird. You can find tubes in various sizes, depending on how often you want to add new liquid.

>> Consider the size of the feeder

bird feeder dimensions

You can find different bird feeder dimensions from small bird feeders to large bird feeders.

One thing to consider in how to buy a bird feeder is how many birds are in the area. If you live in a neighborhood that doesn't have many cats and dogs, you may have more avian variety and therefore want to buy a larger bird feeder for multiple types of birds. On the other hand, if you have only a few birds in the area, you may prefer a smaller size bird feeder. This ensures that the food is eaten while it is still fresh.

>> Cleaning the feeder and replacing the food

You'll want to keep your bird feeder looking clean and nice if it is an accent piece in your yard. That's not the only reason to take care of it though. Occasionally cleaning of the feeder helps keep food fresher longer and promotes health in the birds that are feeding there. Be sure that the feeder you are considering is one that you can easily clean and refill.

A bird feeder can provide hours of enjoyment while you watch different varieties of birds eating their meals. When considering how to buy a bird feeder, feel free to research individual feeders as much as you feel is necessary to make an informed decision.

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