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South Shore
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South Shore
4-piece Bedroom
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South Shore
4-piece Bedroom
Furniture Set,

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How to buy bedroom furniture

how to buy bedroom furniture

A bedroom furniture buying guide

Whether you just bought a new house or you simply want to remodel your existing bedroom, shopping for bedroom furniture can be an enjoyable experience. There are a number of things to consider when looking into when buying bedroom furniture, many of which pertain to your personal taste, the space you have to work with and the overall design scheme you already have in your home.

>> What kind of bedroom furniture are you looking for?

Bedroom sets are a major component in a bedroom's overall atmosphere and, at the same time, they must provide you enough comfort to relax during your time of rest. Before buying a bedroom set, make sure you have accurate measurements of the bedroom itself to ensure all set items will fit. In most cases, complete bed sets include the bed, a chest, a dresser plus mirror and a nightstand. For smaller bedrooms, you may choose a set with fewer pieces. When deciding how to buy bedroom furniture, keep in mind that there are many bedroom furniture designs to choose from, such as traditional, contemporary or country, among others.

Armoires can serve a variety of purposes, from storing clothing and accessories to entertainment systems. Often grand, and beautifully crafted, armoires are usually formal bedroom additions. When you shop bedroom furniture, make sure your bedroom has enough space for an armoire, especially if you're interested in a large, classically designed one. Also check to make sure your bedroom door opening is large enough to allow the armoire to pass through.best bedroom

Beds are probably the bedroom's most prominent feature. When deciding how to buy bedroom furniture items such as a bed, always take into consideration the size of the person or persons who will be sleeping on it. You also want to be conscious of the available space within the room. The bed should be big enough to be comfortable but not so large that it overwhelms the room and takes up too much space.

Bedroom benches provide not only function but also style to your bedroom. When deciding how to buy bedroom furniture pieces such as benches, remember that benches can also be used to complement the design and look of your bedroom. For example, if the rest of your bedroom furniture is heavier, look for a fuller bench that can be used to store extra blankets and linens. A wooden bench that has ornate carvings can pair well with a more traditionally designed room. If the decor is light, go for a bench that is slim in shape. If you prefer a more contemporary design, you might like a bench that has stainless steel legs and sleek, fine lines.

Bedroom dressers are typically wider, while chests are taller and narrower. Before picking a dresser or chest, check out the various bedroom furniture sizes and see which items your bedroom can accommodate space-wise. When considering how to buy bedroom furniture dressers and chests, be sure to measure to see if the dresser or chest will fit through door openings and if it will go with the overall design and look of your bedroom.

Headboards are an optional bedroom set add-on that many people use to bring their whole design scheme together. Originally made to keep the pillows as well as linens in place, headboards today are used just as much for style as they are for function. Headboards come in many shapes and sizes, and can be customized to match your bedroom design to add a stylish and sleek element to the overall scheme.

Night stands are also popular bedroom set pieces. When you shop bedroom furniture, remember that the main consideration when buying night stands and bedside cabinets is their height. You will want your lamp, glass of water and alarm clock within easy reach. Make sure that the design, color and material (metal, glass, wood or plastic) of the nightstand will complement the overall look and design of your bedroom.

Vanities and vanity stools such as vanity dressers are made up of various bedroom furniture styles and materials. Some vanities have drawers or open shelves to store various items. Vanities can be purchased in sets - with a dresser and stool - or individually, if you want a more eclectic feel.

>> Consider the size of your bedroom

When determining how to buy bedroom furniture, make sure you measure your room. If you think you have a small bedroom, check the measurement from wall to wall to see if your bedroom has enough space for all the furniture you plan to buy. Also measure the existing bedroom furniture you already have, as well as the bedroom furniture sizes available for those pieces you plan on replacing. If you have a large bedroom, then you can look for bigger bedroom furniture, though it's wise to select only the pieces that you will really need or want. bedroom furniture designs

>> Consider the size of your bed

Beds usually come in four sizes.

Twin (or single) beds, typically measure 38 inches wide by 75 inches long. Twin beds are ideal for children. You can complement the look of your twin bed with other twin bedroom furniture sets.

Full (or double) beds typically measure 53 inches wide by 75 inches long. An adult can comfortably rest and sleep in a full bed. For example, a teenager can sleep comfortably in a full bed, which can be decorated with other youth bedroom furniture sets.

Queen beds typically measure 60 inches wide by 80 inches long. Queen beds comfortably allow two average-sized adults to sleep comfortably.

King (or Eastern king) beds typically measure 78 inches wide by 80 inches long. Of the four bed sizes, king beds offer the most room.

>> Choose the style of your bedroom furniture

How to choose bedroom furniture also depends on your personal style, as style is as important as functionality when it comes to designing your bedroom. First and foremost, you should like the shape, color and structure of the pieces. Your bedroom should be a place to retreat to, a comfort zone, and it should reflect your personality through its appearance.

If you prefer a casual or contemporary design for your bedroom, you can still use contemporary bed pieces that are made of wood. However, contemporary bedroom furniture designs may also include other materials such as fiberglass or plastic. While many traditional bedroom furniture pieces feature dark woods, there are many types of bedroom furniture pieces that use a lighter and sleeker finish to evoke a casual or contemporary style.

You can also add international bedroom furniture style to your bedroom by including furniture items inspired by Japanese, Moroccan, European or other global sources.

If you're going for a more traditional bedroom look, choose bedroom furniture items that are made of wood. In some cases, items made of iron will convey the traditional look well. Usually, the furniture that evokes a traditional look often uses ornate bedroom furniture designs, dark woods and complicated finishes. In general, traditional bedroom furniture sets often have a thicker and heavier feel.

Once you narrow down the style and look you are trying to achieve, bedroom furniture shopping can be a very exciting and renewing experience.

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Bedroom Furniture Best Sellers

South Shore Holland Full/Queen Bedroom Set , Pure Black

South Shore 4-piece Bedroom Furniture Set, Black

South Shore 4-piece Bedroom Furniture Set, Chocolate

South Shore Basics Full Platform Bed with Molding, Multiple Colors

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