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How to find the best bathroom storage

best bathroom storage

A bathroom storage buying guide

Having adequate storage space in the bathroom can make a huge difference in your home. When things are put away properly and in an organized fashion, it's easy to quickly find what you need, which is especially important when you're rushing to get ready in the morning. Learn more about the different types of bathroom storage designs to determine what kinds of options are available. The key to picking out the best bathroom storage products is to choose pieces that work with your space and give you all the storage room you need.

>> What type of storage do you need?

designer bathroom storage

There are many unique bathroom storage products available, from small pieces that fit on counters to larger units that can take up most of a wall.

  • Counter top: Bathroom storage for counters includes small shelves, cabinets, storage boxes and various compartmentalized trays and holders. Buy bathroom storage for use on counter tops if you are looking for stylish, easy-to-access pieces to hold makeup, styling aids, tooth-brushing essentials and other small, lightweight necessities.
  • Cabinets: Bathroom storage cabinets are available in a variety of sizes, shapes and styles. Available as freestanding or wall-mountable units, these storage solutions are equipped with doors so that you can keep your space looking tidy and neat. Bathroom cabinets with drawers add versatility by giving you storage space for smaller items, such as hand towels, hair brushes, toothpaste and rolls of tissue paper. Before you buy bathroom storage of this kind, take careful measurements to ensure that the pieces you like fit in the space available.
  • Shelving: Like bathroom cabinets, shelving is available in freestanding or wall-mountable varieties. Shelving is an open-air alternative to cabinets, and is best suited for storing towels, robes and other larger, bulkier items. Available in wood or metal of various designs and styles, shelves allow you to take an empty wall and instantly convert it into designer bathroom storage. Shelves are among the best bathroom storage solutions if you have little or no floor or counter space to dedicate to freestanding pieces.
  • Over the toilet: Also known as space-saver bath shelves, these convenient storage pieces are some of the best bathroom storage ideas for a small bathroom. Situated over the toilet, the stand adds space for items large and small. Most stands feature shelves and cabinets, so they are ideal for holding personal items as well as everyday essentials.
  • In the shower: Once you've got your bathroom area organized, it's time to shop for in-shower solutions. The best bathroom storage options for use in the shower are those that are durable, safe and waterproof, such as plastic caddies and stainless steel shower hangers. Stylish bathroom storage options like corner shelves or wall-mounted trays are available in quality plastics and metals that mimic the look of ceramic, stone and bronze to create an elegant ambiance.

>> What materials do you prefer?

Any storage item placed in the bathroom must be durable and able to handle the extremes that this space encounters, such as high heat and excessive moisture. Several materials handle the job well, and choosing the best bathroom storage pieces for your space depends on where the units are to be placed and your personal preferences.

Designer bathroom storage units made of treated wood are a popular option because they match well with nearly any design scheme, are light enough to move and do well in moist environments. When choosing bathroom furniture made of wood, look for hues that are already present in your bathroom, like that of your baseboards or light switch covers. Because painted pieces are available, you have a wide range of stylish bathroom storage choices in many different colors at your disposal. Buy bathroom storage in shades that complement the existing decor.bathroom storage designs

Metal makes for crisp, clean-cut, unique bathroom storage. Over-the-toilet racks are typically made of metal so that they are lightweight, but you can find a wide variety of counter-top and in-shower pieces made of resilient alloys. Choosing stainless steel toothbrush holders, soap dishes, racks and shelves ensures that when it's time to clean them, you are finished in a snap because they just need a fast wipe down and quick buffing for shine.

The most durable kind of bathroom storage, plastic units are the lightest type available. Available in white, as well as a variety of fun, interesting colors, plastic holders, shelves and caddies are safe for use inside the shower because they are resistant to shattering. Buy bathroom storage made of plastic if you have kids. A wide variety of bathroom storage designs featuring bright colors, whimsical patterns and fun characters can help your children enjoy themselves when it is time to brush their teeth or take a shower.

Ceramic is traditionally used in counter-top storage accessories. Toothbrush holders, soap dishes, soap dispensers, cups and tissue paper holders made of ceramic are stylish bathroom storage solutions that can glam up a plain-looking space. You can choose from solid-colored units, as well as a multitude of designs and patterns ranging from fun to sophisticated. Animal print pieces, such as those featuring zebra or cheetah prints, are popular designer bathroom storage ideas that add flair.

>> What style do you prefer?

Once you have determined how much storage space you need and where, it's time to decide on style. Because the accessories that you outfit your bathroom with directly contribute to the feel and look of the room, buy bathroom storage pieces that add to the style you are going for.



Best pieces

Modern Crisp, simple lines
  • Metal shelves
  • Light-colored wood
  • Plastic holders
Provencal Rich, medieval
  • Ornate wood pieces
  • Earthy tones
  • Sophisticated ceramic
Antique Rustic, weathered
  • Unfinished wood
  • Aluminum
  • Pinks, greens, whites
Themed Colorful, patterned, whimsical
  • Colored plastic
  • Painted wood
  • Ideal for guest or kids' bathrooms

No matter the style or decor of your bathroom, many fun, unique bathroom storage items are available to make the best use of your space. The best bathroom storage fixtures give your bathroom a sense of organization and comfort, allowing you to start your mornings with ease and end your days in relaxation.

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Bathroom Storage Best Sellers

White Spacesaver with Cabinet and Drop Door

Espresso Space Saver

Cross Bar Spacesaver, Satin Nickel Finish

Metal Spacesaver Bath Storage Rack, 3 Shelf, Satin Nickel

Prairie Double Door Floor Cabinet, White
$34.97 $49.97 $28.66 $39.97 $89.99
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