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Choosing the best basketball hoop to buy

best basketball net to buy

A basketball hoop buying guide

Basketball can be a fun activity for people of all ages. If you want to get your own basketball hoop, consider the following factors to help find the best basketball hoop to buy for your needs.

>> Consider how you will use your basketball set-up

basketball net sizes

When shopping for a basketball rim, first consider if it is for personal, community or professional use. If you intend it to be for personal use at home, cool basketball nets are ready for placement in your driveway, backyard, on your house or garage or in the street.

Basketball set dimensions differ for adults and children, especially very young children who also play with smaller basketballs. Nets for the youngest children typically hang on a short, sturdy plastic stand for safety and accessibility. If you anticipate fun games at home with adults and older children, a single basketball hoop usually meets your needs.

Commercial properties and parks benefit from heavy-duty basketball nets designed to handle heavier use and resist the elements. Your commercial property or public-use space can include one basketball net, multiple separate nets for one-on-one games or a two-net, full court design. The best basketball hoop to buy is one (or more) for the different types of games played in your location.

>> Choose the equipment you need

Your decision regarding the best basketball net to buy can be affected by other basketball equipment you need. If you're simply replacing a net, a new basketball net sold separately will do the trick. Make sure to match the basketball net dimensions to your current rim.

If you need a new rim along with the net, and you purchase them separately, make sure the measurements match. Some basketball rims, also known as basketball hoops, include a new basketball net with their packaging.

Buying a backboard involves shopping for size, style and features. Backboards are rectangular or curved, plain or embossed with team names and made from different materials. The material of your backboard affects durability and spring.types of basketball nets

Molded plastic backboards are ideal for young children and light play. Affordable acrylic backboards are ruggedly built to handle heavy play and to keep your rebounding lively. Polycarbonate backboards function like acrylic, and extra strength adds to your peace of mind.

You can play like the pros on a glass backboard. A professional glass backboard, which contains the highest level of rigidity, is 72 inches wide and half an inch thick.

Steel backboards can fulfill your commercial property needs with reliable durability.

Basketball stands come in fixed and portable versions. The most permanent fixed basketball stands are set into concrete. The sturdiest portable stands offer you a weighted plastic base filled with sand or water. This base provides excellent stability over time in the same location. Basketball stand bases are made from metal in varying thickness, with wider bases providing the best stability. Plastic stands work well for younger children because restricted height aids stability. Adjustable basketball stands provide the opportunity for different levels of practice for both you and your kids. Basketball stands are sold with the rim attached. Nets are included or sold separately.

Consider your available playing space. Is your driveway or backyard large enough for an entire basketball stand? Is your space best served by a backboard, rim and net hung on the house or garage? Will you need to move the stand around often, or will it stay in one place all the time?

Commercial properties benefit from considering the possibility of rough play. Along with fixed rims and nylon nets, you will find breakaway rims and nets made from chain link. Breakaway rims are safer, and chain link nets are much more durable.

>> Consider the type of net you need

The best basketball net to buy is one with the durability for your needs. Nets are constructed from nylon string or chain link. Nylon string is white or colored, and some basketball net designs are patterned with team colors or logos. Chain link nets, while offering the same basketball net dimensions, are heavy-duty and durable. These nets are the best basketball nets to buy for commercial use and long-term rough play.

Different types of nylon and chain offer different benefits. The same basketball net dimensions are achieved with very different materials.

Type of net





FT10 nylon net Heavy competition braided nylon net Competition or residential use White or multi-colored Lighter weight durability
FT10AW nylon net Heavy-duty thick braided competition net Competition Bright white Anti-whip design; longer durability
FT11 chain net Premium steel safety net Competition Steel Welded loops ensure safety; attaches with heavy-duty S hooks; zinc plated; outlasts nylon nets
FT11E chain net Economy net Competition or residential use Light weight chain Attaches with heavy-duty S hooks; zinc plated; outlasts nylon nets

>> Consider other types of basketball nets

Nets for sports and outdoors are common, but for nontraditional games, you might want one of the other types of basketball nets. This includes nets for carnival games, arcade games, safe nets for babies and toddlers and kits featuring basketball accessories.basketball net design

An accessory for developing your skills is a shooter ring attachment. This attachment is made of plastic or metal and sits on top of a hoop, guiding the ball inside, or hangs below a net, guiding the ball to you after a successful basket. If you need a little extra help, shooter ring attachments make cool basketball nets.

A sturdy plastic basketball stand is advisable for your young ones. These are often round in design, and some feature wheels. Inflatable nets, with soft vinyl material, are also great choices for children.

Carnival-style basketball games feature a partially enclosed backboard, rim and net to keep balls from bouncing away. Players use multiple basketballs and try to score points by making as many baskets as possible. These one- or two-player games frequently allow you to choose how slow or fast the balls are sent to you.

With standard and unconventional basketball net options, you are sure to find one that is just right for you or your family.

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Basketball Net Best Sellers
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