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How to buy the best baby scale

best baby scale

A baby scale buying guide

After an initial typical drop in weight, most newborns gain weight at a steady pace. Baby scales allow parents to weigh their baby at home and make sure their newborn's growth rate is on track. An ideal baby scale will fit your needs and the needs of your baby. Consider the size of the child that is going to be weighed, the different types of scale bed or seat configurations and whether you prefer a manual or digital scale before you shop for a new baby scale.

>> Consider the need

baby scale models

A scale that will accommodate a growing baby is often the best baby scale for a new parent. The type of baby scale model you need will vary depending on the reasons you want to use the scale. Often parents of preemies require a more accurate scale that allows them to make sure their babies are growing and gaining weight. For most parents, however, quality baby scales are just another health product they like to have on hand in order to see how much their baby weighs between doctor visits.

Breastfeeding mothers can use high-quality baby scales to measure the amount of breast milk their babies are consuming during each feeding. When you breastfeed there is no way to measure how much your baby is actually drinking, yet it is important to know that your baby is consuming enough milk to properly grow. To measure breast milk consumption, a baby can be weighed before and after a feeding to see how much milk has been ingested. A top-rated baby scale can measure the difference of less than a teaspoon of breast milk.

>> Decide on manual or digital

Learning to buy a baby scale includes deciding if you want to use a manual or a digital scale. For most parents, the best baby scale is a digital one because the weight is displayed on an easy-to-read screen. Manual scales have a bar with a little weight that you move left to right to measure the weight of a baby. Both manual and digital scales are types of baby health care products that come in a variety of sizes and styles. Digital baby scales typically provide a more accurate reading than manual scales, even though manual scales may be easier to calibrate.

Another type of baby scale design is the mommy-and-baby scale. After you have been weighed on such a scale, that weight is recorded. When you step back on the scale while holding your baby, the scale subtracts your weight from the combined weight to display the baby's weight only.

>> Consider the type of scale

Just as baby scale sizes can vary, so can the weighing surfaces. Two common types of baby scale platforms are flat and raised-sides beds. A top-rated baby scale with raised sides is one of the many baby health and safety products on the market designed to help keep a child safe. This is especially important when you want to weigh a squirming baby. The sides of this type of scale help keep your baby safely on the scale's bed. The flat style of baby scale, on the other hand, is designed for older babies and can accommodate some toddlers. baby scale size

A baby scale with a seat is designed for very young children from the time they can sit up on their own. When choosing this type of scale, look for one that compensates for typical baby or toddler movements to ensure you get an accurate reading.

Non-slip surfaces can be found on most baby scale beds and seats.

>> Decide on the features

As you learn how to buy a baby scale, consider all the different features many baby scales offer. Weight limits, printouts, memory recall, accuracy and readability are just some of the details to compare. Scales that offer a 1.2-inch or larger LCD display will be easier on your eyes. Many quality baby scales feature a soft coating on the surface of their beds or seats for baby's comfort.

Some of the best baby scales can weigh toddlers up to 66 lbs, while others have a maximum capacity of less than 20 lbs. Such weight limits need to be considered before you buy a baby scale, as a scale with a larger maximum weight capacity will allow you to get accurate readings as your child grows. Consider looking for a baby scale that can convert from a bed configuration to a platform designed to give a toddler adequate room to sit or stand on the scale.

Choosing the best baby scale means getting one that has the accuracy to meet your needs. Some baby scales feature 0.002 lbs, 0.01 lbs, 0.05 lbs, 0.1 lbs, 0.5 lbs or 1 lb accuracy. Others measure in ounces, grams and/or kilograms. Each baby scale model will list the maximum weight it can hold and what accuracy you will receive from it. If you need your baby scale to track the smallest changes in weight, use a scale with the accuracy to do this effectively.

Keep in mind that a memory-recall feature on a baby scale makes it easier to track your baby's weight changes as it allows a quick check of the most recent measurement or a scroll through the last several weights recorded.

Looking for home health care items such as baby scales can be a fun experience if you take the time to understand what is available and know the features you want before you start shopping. Such steps can help you choose the best baby scale for you and your family. When using your new baby scale, remember to always place it on a flat, stable surface before you weigh your baby.

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Baby Scale Best Sellers

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