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How to find the best ashtray

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An ashtray buying guide

If you're a smoker, an ashtray is a must-have home supply. Ashtrays improve your environment by providing a place for you to collect cigarette ashes and butts, and in some cases, by reducing the smells and smoke that cigarettes and cigars produce. Many varieties of unique ashtrays are available, so you have to make several decisions to determine which type will be the best ashtray for your space.

>> How many smokers are in your household?

unique ashtray

Size is one feature to consider when preparing to buy an ashtray. Ashtrays vary greatly in size, ranging from small, single-person units to larger pieces that can handle the needs of several users.

If you are the only smoker in your household, a small ashtray is sufficient. Depending on where you smoke, you may find that multiple ashtrays are convenient. For example, if you smoke throughout the house, consider including ashtrays from a matching ashtray collection in the living room, the bedroom, the patio and anywhere else you smoke.

Medium-size ashtrays are a good option if there is more than one smoker in your house or if you're a moderate to heavy smoker. These collect more ash than their smaller counterparts, so they require emptying less often.

Large ashtrays are the best ashtrays to buy when you are entertaining a group that includes several smokers. These are best used during get-togethers like parties or barbecues, as well as for leaving on the patio for when guests come over. Designer ashtrays of marble or brushed metal made for outdoor use can double as decorative pieces.

>> What type of ashtray do you need?

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In addition to indoor and outdoor ashtrays, there are units to use in a car, at the beach and even on the sidewalk. Determining where an ashtray is needed will help you choose what styles and features to look for. For example, if you like to smoke in the kitchen, safety is a major consideration. There is a lot of movement of kitchen and dining products during dinner time or during a party, so there is a chance that an ashtray may get knocked over. To protect yourself and guests, consider a plastic ashtray. Plastic resists cracking and shattering. Living rooms and bedrooms tend to be calmer, so a decorative, designer ashtray made of glass, marble, metal or porcelain can fit right in.

If you are interested in reducing the smell of cigarette smoke in the areas where you light up, consider a smokeless ashtray. These unique ashtrays use one of two methods to squash the smoke and ash that leads to unwanted odors. One style uses carbon filters to absorb and eliminate cigarette smoke. These cost-effective types of ashtrays require that you change the filters periodically to maintain efficiency. The other style is an ionic ashtray, which employs ionization to convert cigarette smoke into clean air. Ionic ashtrays are the best ashtrays to purchase if you have non-smokers in the home and want to cut down on second-hand smoke or if you wish to prevent smoke from clinging to clothing, hair, furniture, curtains and other personal effects.

Sometimes referred to as smokeless ashtrays, spinning ashtrays utilize a simple technology that involves a push-button trigger and a hidden compartment. A spinning ashtray uses a miniature rotor assembly that is activated when the trigger is pressed. Small blades rotate quickly to draw ash and smoke down into a contained space. As soon as the blades stop rotating, the ash and smoke are trapped, preventing the fumes and ash from filling the air or being blown away. These pieces make for safe, effective outdoor ashtrays. Other kinds of outdoor ashtrays feature high sides, internal compartments and snuff holes to contain ashes and other cigarette waste to prevent flying embers when the wind picks up. These ashtrays are generally waterproof and heavy enough to resist accidental toppling.

When it comes to portable ashtrays, there are many different kinds to choose from. When examining the options available, pay attention to ashtray design to ensure that the ashtray you choose is the best ashtray for your specific needs.


Best style


Driving in the car Cup-holder ashtray If you are driving a vehicle that lacks an ashtray, consider a tray that fits in the cup holder. These hands-free ashtrays are within easy reach of the wheel, allowing you to safely and courteously dispose of your ashes and cigarette butts.
Day at the beach Cone-shaped ashtray To keep beaches clean and safe, use unique ashtrays with a cone design. The high sides of these ashtrays prevent ashes from being blown away by the wind, while the tapered bottom allows for easy placement in the sand.
Baseball game Spinning ashtray If you are permitted to smoke at a sporting event, be considerate of those around you by bringing along a spinning ashtray. These devices trap cigarette ash and smoke in an enclosed space.
Walk in the park Pocket ashtray To ensure that you have a place to dispose of cigarette butts while out for a walk, buy an ashtray that fits in your pocket. These small containers provide a place to store ash and butts until you are at home or near a trash can.

In the above situations, you have a choice between reusable ashtrays or disposable ones. Typically made of recyclable or biodegradable materials, such as cardboard or molded paper, one-time-use ashtrays contain messes, prevent littering and are safe for the environment. Buy this kind of ashtray if you want to avoid cleaning up.

>> Consider a themed ashtray

Once you know the type and size of the best ashtray for your needs, think about what the ashtray looks like. Ashtrays have evolved from simple, straightforward accessories to stylish home decor products. You can find ashtray designs in any color, style or pattern. Choose from themed ashtrays that represent your favorite football team or an upcoming holiday, or opt for a stylish, multi-piece ashtray collection for placement throughout your home.

When looking for the best ashtray, have choices ranging from designer ashtrays that double as decorations to disposable ones that make any outing more enjoyable.

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