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Finding the right art smock

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An art smock buying guide

Art smocks are comfortable, protective garments that keep your clothing clean when you use materials like paint, clay, dye and dirt. With a large selection of art smock sizes available in a variety of styles, colors and patterns, there are suitable smocks for everyone in your family. When planning to buy an art smock, think about what you will be doing with it and what kinds of features are important to you to ensure that you pick out a smock that serves your needs.

>> Who will use the art smock?

New art smocks can benefit everyone in your family, from young children who want to practice their painting skills to teens who enjoy working with clay. Art smock styles are versatile enough to serve several purposes.


For whom

Best design/style

Painting Kids Waterproof, sleeveless, ties in the back, pockets for brushes
Students Waterproof or cloth, extra pockets
Gardening Adults Big pockets/long sleeves
Kids Waterproof
Crafts Hobbyists Apron style, designer art smock patterned after the hobby
Cooking Kids and adults Short and sleeveless

>> Why will you use an art smock?

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Whether you're a painter or sculptor - or just someone who likes to keep your clothes clean while working - there is an art smock style suitable for any project you have in mind. When your children are working on finger painting masterpieces or helping you make cookies, keep their clothes clean with smocks sized just for them.

If your children tend to get messy, consider kid-sized smocks. Special art smock sets, complete with pockets for paint brushes, are perfect for little artists. These protective coverings are especially helpful when dealing with multiple painters, so when planning parties and occasions where crafts will be the focus, ensure that smocks are at the top of your party supplies shopping list.

When it's time to dig up your garden, you can look for an art smock to keep you dry and dirt free. Some designer art smocks double as aprons.

>> What styles are available?

Depending on the activity in which you are partaking, you may want to buy an art smock that offers minimal protection or one that offers as much coverage as possible.

Apron style: Similar to aprons that are worn in the kitchen, these garments feature a panel in the front that covers you from the neck down to the mid-thigh. These art smock styles are sleeveless, and they are held in place by ties at the back of the neck and around the waist.

Full protection: When you're working in especially messy conditions, you may find that you need a new art smock that offer sleeves to keep paints, dyes and other craft supplies from splashing and dirtying the arms of your clothing. These kinds of art smocks typically extend to the knees or lower, and they may also feature a back panel.

Bib: If you're looking for a smock for younger children, consider bib smocks. Applied over a child's head or around the neck, these smocks resemble mealtime bibs. These pieces offer unlimited range of movement and completely cover the area from the neck down - the area most likely to be dirtied during play time.

>> What types of art smocks are available?

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Before heading to the store to buy an art smock, learn about the different materials used to make them, as well as the various styles that are available.

Cloth art smocks are made of breathable, washable materials like cotton. These types of smocks are ideal for children because they are lightweight and allow for ease of movement. They are used for protecting children from crayons, markers, pens and other low-moisture children's art supplies.

Waterproof art smocks prevent art supplies like paints and dyes from staining clothes. The surfaces of these garments are impervious to moisture, so they can also be used to keep you dry when you're washing the car, hosing down the patio, cleaning windows or giving pets a bath. Wearing these kinds of smocks while gardening keeps your clothing from coming in contact with mud and dirt. These pieces are made of materials like vinyl and PVC, so a quick wipe-down is all the cleaning that is required.

Whether you decide to buy an art smock that is made of cloth, vinyl or PVC, there is a wide range of colors and patterns to choose from. If you're purchasing new art smocks for your kids, consider smocks with fun, whimsical patterns, such as letters, shapes, polka dots or flowers. When buying an art smock for yourself or another adult, think about the style of the wearer. Designer art smocks combine functionality and beauty, featuring both modern and traditional patterns, as well as everything in between.

Another option is solid colors, which many art smock brands offer. Solid-colored smocks are a good choice if you have several children who will share the garments. If you are a teacher, you can purchase smocks in colors like green and yellow that appeal to all students.

Designer art smocks look stylish and protect your clothing, while bib-style smocks allow younger ones to play to their hearts' content without getting too dirty. Before you start a new craft project, buy an art smock that will protect clothes and skin from being peppered with paint, dye, clay or dirt.

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Art Smock Best Sellers

Darice Kids Art Smock, White

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Chenillekraft ChenilleKraft 5207 Art Smock CKC5207

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