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How to buy arcade games

how to buy arcade games

An arcade game buying guide

Both adults and kids alike have enjoyed great arcade games for decades. With all the different types of arcade games available today, you're sure to find games that keep you challenged and that the whole family can play. Learning how to buy arcade games is easier when you consider who the games are for, the types of games that players in your home are interested in, and which of those games has the right arcade game features for you.

>> Who is the game for?

best arcade games

When learning how to buy arcade games, it's important to take into account who'll be playing the games. A player's age, gender and hobbies can all be factors in deciding on the best arcade games to buy. Some players might prefer a one-on-one game, such as billiards or air hockey, while others enjoy team sports, such as bowling or basketball. And even those people might occasionally enjoy a game that only requires one person, such as pinball.

>> Consider the age of the player

A primary consideration in how to buy arcade games should be the age of the players. The age of the players in your household should determine the level of difficulty of the arcade game style you buy. In addition, a player's age range determines his or her height, reach and coordination, so you can adjust your purchase plans to match. A child of six, for example, probably won't be able to play a stand-alone air hockey game, but he or she might be able to enjoy the tabletop version. Players must also be able to understand the rules of the game, and some games will suggest an age range for the players. For a growing family, the best arcade games to buy might be multi-game equipment that converts from one game to another with little effort.

>> What games do you want?

There are all types of games that can help you hone in on a hidden talent. You might turn out to be a ping pong champion or an air hockey all-star. Focusing on your or the recipient's interests can help you in determining how to buy arcade games. For enthusiasts, there are dedicated pieces of equipment, like a pool table or an air-hockey table. For versatility, multi-game equipment offers the best value. These arcade game designs allow you to reconfigure the equipment for multiple types of arcade games without dedicating large amounts of space. This is great if you want to try different games without buying them individually and to add variety to your entertainment. For occasional use, the best arcade games might be inexpensive or tabletop games, like ping pong, air hockey or foosball, which simply lie on top of an existing table.

>> Consider space for the game

Before you shop arcade games, consider the space you have available for them. You'll need space not only to play the game but to assemble it in the playing space. Extra rooms, such as those for home offices or guests, can be used to hold larger arcade game sizes. Larger homes can have a separate game room or basement to place the game in. Having it out of the way of constant foot traffic not only preserves the game, but it also ensures no one gets hurt trying to get around it.

The table below shows you the size of popular types and brands of arcade games.




  • Mini air hockey
  • Handheld electronic games
  • Basketball net game
  • Magic Shot shooting gallery
  • Ideal classic ballpark
  • Tabletop pool
  • Slot machine
  • Voit rod Soccer/foosball table
  • NHL hover hockey
  • Basketball shootout
  • Pool
  • Pinball
  • 6-in-1 game center
  • Bowl-a-thon mania
  • Shuffle board

>> Consider setup and installation

arcade game style Understanding how to buy an arcade game includes understanding how to set it up. Before you buy, make sure you know whether the assembly will take an hour or most of a weekend. You'll also need plenty of space to assemble the game.

>> Consider power options

While most people buy a game where they like the strategy, understanding how it works is just as important. Many of the best arcade games run just on players' efforts alone. This makes it easy to get started playing. In other types, the arcade game design includes lights, sounds and other cool arcade game features that require batteries or AC power. If the game requires AC power, an increase in your electricity bill could affect your buying decision, but you'll have to weigh that against the enhanced game experience that comes with the extra bells and whistles (literally). For examples, encouraging sayings, lights, timers and scoreboards are fun to have in an arcade game design.

>> Consider accessories and extra parts

Accessories are a big part of many arcade games. The standard accessories a game comes with might not be enough to let you keep playing as time goes by. If, for example, you lose one of the balls of your basketball game or break the puck of your air hockey game, it will put the game out of commission until you buy more of the items. Smaller pieces are likely to get lost first, so buying extras of those can be helpful. Controllers are important to any game that uses them, and having some spares for guests who drop by can come in handy. The arcade game style usually determines what accessories are needed for the game. When the time comes to shop arcade games, consider picking up accessories or extra parts then.

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Arcade Game Best Sellers

Alex Brands Ideal Electronic Arcade Speedball Game

MD Sports Medal 2-Player Basketball Game

Triumph Sports Big Shot 8-in1 Basketball Arcade Game - 2 Player

Triumph Sports 8-in-1 Arcade 2 Player Basketball Game

Atomic Double Shootout Arcade Basketball Game
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