Garden Weasel 95001 Weasel Weed Popper Pro

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Pops Out the Toughest Weeds at the Root:.
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Bosmere M230 24 Inch Coco Fiber Tree Protector Ring

Bosmere has been renowned in the world of home garden & leisure for over 25 years.
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18 Inch Poly Snow Shovel - 1627295

Arctic blast combo snow blade is made of tough polyethylene with a steel wear strip for long life.Arctic blast brand offers several step up features- quick connect handles steel wear strip steel core
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Garden Weasel 95321 Weasel Nut Gatherer Pro

5.0 stars (1) ratings
Easy to roll.
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BONIDE PRODUCTS 917331 Stink Bug Trap - Non Toxic and Odorless

Attracts and Captures All Stinkbug Species.
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Peak Seasons G80026 18 inch X 24 inch Lawn & Sod Roller

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Super Moss 21508 5 Lb Green Sheet Moss

Flat, thin sheets of natural moss.
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Midwest Rake Company 287011 Toolite Square Point Shovel

These revolutionary and patented shovels are highly valued for their mud and muck releasing hole design, as well as their sifting capabilities.
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Hydro Farm 110725 ActiveAqua Air Pump - 7. 8 Liter, 2 Outlet Air Pump

ActiveAqua Air Pumps

• Available 7.8 (3 Watt) liters per minute.

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Quick Dam Flood Barriers are non-hazardous, non-toxic and will naturally degrade over time.
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Vf-11 VF-10 1 Quart Foliar Feed Plant Food Pack Of 6

Plant food.
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Midwest Air Technologies 308245BP 2 inch X 100 inch X 1-4 inch Mesh Hardware Cloth

Dozens of uses including coverings for window and screen doors, tree guards, drains, gutters, under eaves, soil sifters, and much more.
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Corona SL3264 Bypass Lopper With ShockGuard Bumpers

Bypass lopper.
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Midwest Air Technologies 308242BP 4 inch X 100 inch X 1-4 inch Mesh Hardware Cloth

Ideal for screen doors, gutter guards, animal control, cages, tree guards, gardening applications, craft projects and more.
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V&b Mfg Co HS4 Axe Handle Saver HS-4

Handle saver for single bit axe.
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Vertex International GB530 Easy Step Plug Aerator

The Easy-Step platform naturally positions the body over the work head.
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Garden Weasel 95305 Weasel Nut Gatherer

Easy to roll.
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Versatile Housewares & Gardening Systems 890203 Ultimate Auger

Fits 0.38 or 0.5 cordless or electric drills 0.5 thick all-steel construction Augers with sharpened edges Available with 26 extension The Weed Aug is perfect for vegetable gardens flowerbeds and
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Grodan 111386 Grodan A-OK 1. 5 inch x 1. 5 inch Starter Plugs - 98 per Sheet

Enjoy complete control over plant growth and nutrient systems with our growing mediums and liquid nutrient concentrates.
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Jiffy-ferry Morse Seed Co-Jiffy Peat Pellet Refill 1000 Count

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Easy Pet Fence EF3001 Small Dog Fence 50 ft Kit - 32 inch H

Allow your pets to experience and enjoy the outdoors while remaining safe and secure.
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Woodstream Coropration PC13 Gardener's Blue Ribbon 13inch Rolling Plant Caddie

Gardeners Blue Ribbon Rolling Plant Caddies are sturdy durable and so easy to use.
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BOSMERE K764 13 Spikes Aerating Sandals

Each sandal has 13, 2'' spikes on the bottom.
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Perlite Vermiculite Packaging 105408 Horticultural Coarse Perlite - 4 Cubic Feet


Horticultural Perlite helps plants thrive and improves soil structure, keeping it workable for years.

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BOSMERE N480 . 25 inch mesh Garden Sieve

Use for sifting out lumps and stones from soil or for sifting out lumps of compost that haven't decomposed entirely.
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Grow More 10 Oz Orchid Food 20-10-20 5271

Orchid food.
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SPEAR & JACKSON R740 Spear & Jackson Traditional Stainless Steel Dutch Hoe with long wood handle - 56 inch long overall


An ideal tool for breaking up lumps of soil and beheading weeds.

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Seymour Midwest Llc 42610 60 inch 2-Way Loop Hoe

Has a double-edged weeder bar for efficient push-pull action.
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BOSMERE G525 Large Tip Bag 4. 4 cu ft - 18 inch diameter x 30 inch high

120 Litre (4.4cu ft) Large sized bag that stands up and open for easy loading.
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Midwest Quality Glove 29D4 Large Kneeling Pad

Kneeling pad.
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Garden Weasel 90201 Cultivator tool

Cultivates Five Ways: The 5-way cultivating tool that became a household name is Garden Weaselnow better than ever.
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Midwest Air Technologies 308183BP 3 inch X 100 inch X 1-8 inch Mesh Hardware Cloth

Premium Weldedge Wire is a woven fabric utilizing hard drawn wire for added strength, rigidity, and uniformity of meshes.
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P3 International P8220 Dr. Frog Electronic Moisture Meter

P3 International Dr.
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EZ 0007 Leaf Hauler,

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Like a giant dustpan for leaves, The EZ Leaf Hauler is designed specifically to make moving large piles of leaves easier.
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Midwest Rake 96721 21 ft. Shingle Saver Snow Roof Rake

Ultra lightweight aluminum.
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Bulk Buys HB303-24 3''W Hand Shovel - Pack of 24

5.0 stars (1) ratings
The hand shovel is a gardening must-have.
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Apollo DT-3790P 7 Pc. Garden Kit, Pink

Narrow Trowel.
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Achla C-55 Large Oval Galvanized Steel Tub - Galvanized Steel

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These are the old-fashioned tubs ubiquitous on every farm because they have a thousand and one uses.